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Sakae second water reproduction center

Last update date March 11, 2019

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The Sakae second water reproduction center gate

The entrance arch

Central operation room

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Sakae second water reproduction center is doing most of the Totsuka Ward and "Sakae processing ward" consisting of parts of Sakae, Konan, spring, Seya, Minami Ward with object processing area. As for the rainwater, filthy water takes a high-quality step by activated sludge method in direct river from broadcast pumping station, and all discharge into the Kashio River.

Because site is small in our center, we do 2 hierarchical structure and reaction tank of sedimantation basin and the last sedimantation basin to depth (11 meters) 2 times as large as other centers first and make good use of security and land of ability for a large quantity of sewage treatment by various invention.

We cover sedimantation basin and reaction tank first and, for securing of residence environment of neighborhood, act for prevention of bad smell outbreak.

About Sakae second water reproduction center
Plan processing area4,232ha
Plan processing population401,000 people
Plan processing capacity211,800m3/day
Sludge processingWe do oshiso to southern sludge exploitation of resources center and handle

Sakae second water reproduction center brochure (PDF: 853KB)

Use of upper part of facility
We use the upper grit chamber of the second pump facility as ground of adjacent elementary school.
We use limited land effectively
Large land is necessary to process much drainage.
We put processing facility together three-dimensionally and use limited land effectively by making deeply.
Two classes of sedimantation basin
Sedimantation basin and the last sedimantation basin become two classes of sedimantation basin first. There is processing capacity of 1.5 times - 1.8 times of normal sedimantation basin.
The depths reaction tank
Reaction tank becomes the depths (11 meters in depth). There is processing capacity of 2.2 times of common reaction tank (5 meters in depth).
Scenery around the center

When he/she is in from Totsuka Station East Exit

Totsuka Station Yokohama East Exit Bus Terminal second Paul (other than to gazing off far into bridge). The third Paul
Nearest Minamitani (Minami) is 5 stop eyes, about ten minutes.

The intersection in front of 50 meters of lines former lower Kurata "Koban" (police box) is turned right at diagonally by Minamitani (Minami)

We turn right at the corner of "light green care center Tozuka" while looking at Toyoda elementary school on the left side

The left side is already the Sakae second water reproduction center if we pass through JR overpass.
The third floor of big building on 300 meters of yard roads of the track side back right side is office from the latest gate.

When he/she is in by car

It is 100 meters from "ring 3 Kashio River Ohashi" of cyclic Route 3 intersection.

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