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Sakae first water reproduction center

Last update date March 10, 2019

Nickname: Seven koku of weasels

Sakae first water reproduction center whole viewOperation room

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Seven koku of mountain cave old burial mounds group…They were discovered in 1967, and, as a result of excavation, cave old burial mound more than 100 was confirmed afterwards in seven koku of mountain (2018, Kosugaya) halfway up a mountain, and human bone and earthenware vessel, grave goods were discovered. We are estimated to be thing of powerful family from mid-sixth century to the early eighth century and call with "Kajigaya type" with rare structure to have accessory cell in the depths of coffin-room in an ancient tomb and is characteristic that is common to cave old burial mound in weasel abandonment area. We leave several with Negishi Line construction and become local historic spot.


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◆Contact information
Environmental Planning Bureau Sakae water reproduction center
Telephone: 045-861-3011
FAX: 045-863-0664

Sakae first water reproduction center is the eleventh arm of a river-type water reproduction center in Yokohama-shi that assumes most of the Sakae Ward and a part of Totsuka Ward, Konan Ward processing area. Re-water is discharged into weasel river and greatly contributes to maintenance, creation of water regime. We introduce computing system into driving of facilities and plan labor saving, efficiency of maintenance.
In addition, we control distant place monitoring from Sakae second water reproduction center on the night and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays on weekdays from April 1, 2009.

About Sakae first water reproduction center
Plan processing area2,003ha
Plan processing population180,000 people
Plan processing capacity93,600m3/day
StartupDecember, 1984
Sludge processingWe do oshiso to southern sludge exploitation of resources center and handle

Sakae first water reproduction center brochure (PDF: 690KB)

High processing

We remodel 1 system into high processing facility among serieses of 3 in April, 2004, and we perform altitude processing (the AO method) for the purpose of the phosphorus removal, and our center discharges about half of processing quantity of water into weasel river.

Use of upper part of facility

Because our center is next to residential area and station, it is designed so that the noise and odor do not go out by installing processing facility underground. We establish use of citizen facility (park, open space) who the upper part considers harmony with surrounding environment, and gave tree planting.

We use limited land effectively

Large land is necessary, but we install management ridge or electricity, machine room on the processing facility and deepen deposition place and the depth of the water of reaction tank first and use limited land effectively to process drainage.

When he/she comes from JR Negishi Line Hongodai Station

Guide map

When we go out JR Negishi Line Hongodai Station wicket and turn right immediately and can pull overpass, there is the front gate of our center on the left side. It is a 4-minute walk from station.

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Environmental Planning Bureau sewer facility Busaka water reproduction center

Telephone: 045-861-3011

Telephone: 045-861-3011

Fax: 045-863-0664

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