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Introduction of southern sludge exploitation of resources center

Last update date January 25, 2019

Nickname: Bioland

The southern sludge exploitation of resources center front gate

Digestion gas generation

We return to introductions such as water reproduction center

It is event information about southern sludge exploitation of resources center.

The dateEvent nameContentsRemarks
There is no event planning now.

In southern sludge exploitation of resources center, we accept visit of citizen's all of you at any time. Please call at the following time.
From Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 (but) is excluded on January 3 from holiday and year-end and New Year (December 29.)
In addition, please submit the following applications after having made a reservation over telephone.
Facility visit application (word: 33KB)
Telephone: 045-774-0848
FAX: 045-771-1825

Southern sludge exploitation of resources center handles sludge occurring in water reproduction center and is facility to develop into resources.

Sludge made sodei puts density into high digestion tank from each water reproduction center.

By digestion tank, we break down organic matter of sludge and produce digestion gas and reduce sludge.

Sludge reduced by digestion tank adds medicine by spin-drier and we will have dewatering sludge cake and incinerate.

※Destruction by fire ash which kept the hall under the influence of The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster after May, 2011 reaches about 25,000 tons at one time,
Temporary placing space disappeared, and it was in a situation that we couldn't but put in road and parking space for management.
With it having been started construction material of storage ash and daily outbreak ash becoming, road for management usually restores afterwards as of May, 2017.

Facility information
Plottage123, 900m2
Sludge processing capacityAbout 14,700m3/day
Processing methodConcentration → Digestion → Dewatering → Destruction by fire → Ash utilization
The collection processing startNovember, 1989

Approach to recycling society

We make good use of digestion gas generated from sludge and serve around 50% of the hall power.
Approach to environmental measures
We incinerate sewage sludge and make hygienic state by security.
Utilization of digestion gas
We break down sludge into inorganic matter and digestion gas by function of microorganism by digestion tank,
Generated digestion gas makes auxiliary fuel of incinerating and makes good use for generation.
We are equivalent to about 4,000 households of shares when we convert generation electric energy into ordinary household.

When we use seaside line Namiki-Kita Station

Namiki-Kita Station wicket

We get off at Namiki-Kita Station and we go out the wicket and turn left

Covered passageway

We go ahead through the muki state of things to exit 2.


We go down stairs of exit 2.

The gold mountain stream reproduction center side gate

It advances while looking at the gold mountain stream reproduction center side gate to the right.


We arrive at intersection when we walk for a while. The name of intersection is 1, Sachiura.

Intersection pedestrian crossing

We cross pedestrian crossing towards Takada Industry and turn right.

The gate of southern sludge exploitation of resources center

The gate of southern sludge exploitation of resources center is on the left side when we walk for a while.

The gate 2 of southern sludge exploitation of resources center

We enter at the gate.

Southern sludge exploitation of resources center management ridge

When we enter at the gate and go straight on, there is management ridge on the right side.

The storage situation of sludge destruction by fire ash is as follows.

Destruction by fire ash data
Destruction by fire ashAbout 21,800tAbout 30% of sludge destruction by fire ash increases moisture and keep.

It is June 30, 2017 present status.

The southern sewer center bird's-eye view

September, 2014 container storage scenery
(at September, 2014)

May, 2018 container storage scenery
(at May, 2017)

Storage at the construction planned site and some parking lots is continuing, but road for management is usual, and it restores.

When you perform construction to the underground, please confirm whether sodeikan approaches beforehand.

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