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About environmental science research institute

Last update date April 12, 2019

Summary of environmental science research institute

Environmental science research institute works on new research about city environmental problems such as maintenance or heat island effect of biological diversity depending on local characteristic, and examination inspection such as chemical substances for regulation, instruction works. In addition, we hold offer of environmental information that utilized the Internet, "child Eco forum" as one of the environmental learning.


The antipollution measure station starts in June, 1971
We establish Institute for pollution in Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi in April, 1976
We reorganize at the environmental conservation station in June, 1991 and change name of to environmental science research institute
We are reorganized in April, 2005 by Environmental Planning Bureau
We relocate the location to Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi in April, 2015


Environmental science research institute organizational chart
Organizational chart

The location

1, Ebisucho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Shibusawa ABC building the fifth floor of Building No. 1

External representation of environmental science research institute
The building appearance of environmental science research institute


JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Negishi Line: "Shin-Koyasu Station" drop off walk ten minutes
Keihinkyuko Line: "Keikyu-Shinkoyasu Station" drop off walk ten minutes
Municipal bus 19 system: "Shinkoyasu station square" ride, "Ebisu-cho" drop off walk three minutes

Guide map of environmental science research institute
Environmental science research institute guide map

Information for visit to facility (by appointment only)

For the purpose of having you understand duties of research institute widely at environmental science research institute, we carry out visit to facility releasing facility, experimental device, analyzer of research institute.
The time required: Around two hours
Contents: Research institute fill-in, visit to facility
The application possibility number of people: 10 to 40 persons (please consult)
Entrance fee: Free of charge
Application method: Apply for facility visit application by E-mail ( or fax after making after direct call to the following application. On account of the duties, we may not accept in schedule you like.
Others: As limit is in parking lot, visit by privately-owned car, please cooperate to have you decline if possible.
Application: Yokohama-shi environmental science research institute telephone: 045-453-2550 fax: 045-453-2560
Facility visit application (word: 38KB)

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Environmental Planning Bureau policy coordination department environmental science research institute

Telephone: 045-453-2550

Telephone: 045-453-2550

Fax: 045-453-2560

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