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Town of Tando Yokohama

Last update date March 30, 2020

Image photograph of Tando

With Tando

 For dissection valley caused by erosion such as rainwater or spring of the hill earth, we hold hill plateau region, forest place in Mikata (both sides, at the back), and "Tando" is the topography where farming place, reservoirs such as damp ground, spring, waterway, rice field are formed by component.
 It is said that we follow the etymology "Tando" as follows.
"It was from Shizuoka and to the east and mainly did rice growing in language spoken in Eastern Japan to be distributed over Kanto mainly in the old timesPlaceIt is the small place name of (place). Therefore it is not in mountain, and there is few in large flatland. Yamaai is the name of soil which entered to be from the flatland."
"It is 307 yato (Tando, valley) 244, ya (valley) 63 with the small character place name only with thing that a lot of yato place name included Yokohama city limits in Kanagawa, thing in total. The small character place name is communities name, and there are many things which assumed dendritic unity unit." "Right yato zone in Yokohama."
It is quoted by "town development (March, 2002 Yokohama model eco-city working papers) of flowers and birds poetic genius" Shuzo Yamada "Kanto place name story"

 Will there be the place name which letter of "Tando" points out near the house of everybody?
There may be new discovery when we review the topography once if we find.

Overall image of Tando

Spring point, damp ground, reservoir, waterway, rice field, brook, forest place, figure of image of farm
Figure of overall image of Tando

Image of each place out of one of Tando

Fallen leaves coniferous trees (village forest), conifer planting, evergreen broad-leaved forest, field, rice field, reservoir, small stream, damp forest, photograph of damp grassland
Natural environments of the source area

History, culture of Tando

Tando is original scenery of Yokohama

 Tando has spring, and there is not flood damage, and high technique for Hirakida is unnecessary (we opened up reed Hara and were able to make rice just to make drainage), and it is thought that rice field development of Yokohama began from Tando field.
People who lived in old Yokohama formed snuggle communities in this Tando field which we cleared and cultivated and lived with nature and creature of Tando. Living of people every small communities and history of culture continued without a break, and environment peculiar to village forest has been created in a person's working.
It may be right said that environment to make of Tando is original scenery of Yokohama made by relationship of people and nature.
 It is connected, and the working of people living in Tando is succeeded to by area event that even current city area including "New Year's bonfire" for New Year holidays is seen in noh dance and "autumn festival" of drum to also appreciate rich year "firefly catching" "torch procession for praying for extermination of noxious insects" "the Bon Festival" in early summer "the equinoctial week" of March "Hatsuuma" of February.
 In Tando environment, there is big value as local history, culture to introduce into "heart of people living at the village".

Connection of life that Tando brings up

He/she brings up biological diversity

 Tando becomes structure that water flows from spring, damp ground, reservoir, waterway through rice field.

Forest of penumbra of Tando contains human hand, and plankton and earthworm, frog or wild bird change when to grove of miscellaneous trees, and grass book kind that is various as positive light enters sprouts, and habitation, growth space that is valuable for various plants or small animals is formed in damp ground and waterway, rice field.
 It is "cradle" of a variety of creatures, and water and Daichi can say that it is very important area from the viewpoint of biological diversity.

Creatures living in Tando

Photographs such as quillwort, takonoashi, kisekirei, tsumi, Japanese lizard, hotokedojo, Yamasa Nae
Creatures living in Tando

The change of Tando environment

State of land greatly changed

 There was Tando 3700 or more and was right ever the town of Tando in Yokohama.

 About a one-third disappeared as a result that 2,467 places and large-scale land modifications such as residential land development accompanied with population growth were performed that in 1994.
 However, in Tando (the topography where farming place, reservoirs such as rice fields are formed by component) where there is much use of natural lands of forest place, farmland, waterside place, it is 944 for the slope and bottom of the gorge side being made residential land in the left Tando topography.

Figure of image of land modification of city limits
Figure of image of land modification

Let's go to Tando!

Let's enjoy seasonal scenery

 For dissection valley caused by erosion such as rainwater or spring of the hill earth, we hold hill plateau region, forest place in Mikata (both sides, at the back), and Tando is the topography where farming place, reservoirs such as damp ground, spring, waterway, rice field are formed by component.
Come into green bosom of a mountain even if small, and there is ear of rice shining in gold in deep blue rice field, autumn in summer in Tando environment that water drifts to, and persimmon and chestnut tree are realized, and wild bird sings at grove of miscellaneous trees, and various flowers and small animals fly in ridge and waterside. There is scenery recalling we human being to ease and gentleness, moisture and the origin of a person's living.
 In this way, Tando environment has big value as scenery of agriculture. As for time of enjoying, let's follow manner by scenery each other. Tando does person who lives there and person running agriculture with the beginning, and many people use arrival. The forest and farmland seen in Tando are personal possessions of farmhouse. It is not commonality.

  • Let's leave that we enter field and ridge.
  • If observation is over, we will free animal to original place.
  • Let's stop plant collection.
  • All the garbage will take to go. (we put trash box, and there are none.)
  • In the road, general car comes and goes, too. Let's stop occupying way with tripods to take a picture.
  • Please use public transport whether car uses parking lot of neighborhood without parking on the road.
  • Is appointed in sanctuary depending on area. Let's take good care of animals.
  • Fishing in reservoir is prohibited.
  • Dog connects by all means, and let's walk.
  • Without forgetting settlement of feces! (please take to go by all means.)
  • We cannot use camping and fire. Littering of cigarette is strictly prohibited to cause fire.

Position of representative Tando of Yokohama

Figure which showed position of 11 districts in total including servant of a Buddhist temple district, Onda district, Nagatsuka district
Position figure of representative Tando of Yokohama

Example and related facility of Tando

  1. Servant of a Buddhist temple district: Servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village
  2. Onda district
  3. Nagatsuta district
  4. sanho, Shinji district: Village of Shinji blessing, forest of sanhoshimin
  5. Oiwake, arrow finger district: Oiwake Shimin-no-Mori, arrow finger Shimin-no-Mori
  6. District for Ichizawa, France: Forest of Ichizawa contact
  7. Naze district
  8. Maioka district: Maioka hometown village
  9. Shimoiida district
  10. It is district in the shallows: It is Shimin-no-Mori in the shallows
  11. Wild Izawa district: Wild Izawa Shimin-no-Mori

[reference] Information of forest of Shimin-no-Mori, contact

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