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Junior Eco Club

Last update date March 31, 2020

You make group between everybody, friends who wanted to do something to follow environment, and do you not register with "Junior Eco Club?"
Membership fee is free.
We send various information to group which enrolled in Junior Eco Club other than member notebook and badge, newsletter about environment. At first, let's prepare member.

What kind of thing do you do?

About environment, we will decide activity contents by oneself. We think about problem or the issue of warming of garbage, and the imminent creature investigation, natural observation, recycling-related activities, environment keep a household account book, and even anything is OK.
You can get ground Ranger certificate when you do your best for one year.


  • There are how many people in the number of people more than two people. Friend, family of school, constitution including child society are free.
  • Please follow supporter of adult more than one by all means.
  • We do not mind anymore in group moving into action either.


  • You access Junior Eco Club homepage, and please propose.
  • We accept anytime.

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