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"Let's begin! eshikaru consumption campaigns in Yokohama

Campaign implementation period from Monday, December 14 to Sunday, January 31

Last update date January 6, 2021

There is "eshikaru consumption" to choose product which considered environment and society as one of the actions that we can do, and to buy for to realize sustainable society.
We carry out campaign to present eco-friendly product which had you provide from company toward 70 people by lot to be a chance to adopt eshikaru consumption for daily livings.
In addition, during campaign period, we send information to be able to learn while enjoying in cooperation with the second floor of the city hall book & cafe "HAMARU" cis front shop and city group, university student taking their ease about eshikaru consumption and environment.

Conduct summary

Application period

From Monday, December 14, 2020 to Sunday, January 31, 2021

It is targeted for application

Residence, working, attendance at school in Yokohama-shi

Application method

  1. We respond in Yokohama environmental information Twitter (the outside site) account (@yokohama_kankyo)
  2. We watch video (around two minutes) publishing in campaign tweet
  3. For campaign tweet, we put designated hashtag (we use eshikaru in # Yokohama) and we touch comment and retweet impression of video and eco-friendly action that we are going to do from now on
    ⇒Application completion!

For one, it becomes application to one share.
When you correspond to any of the following, please note that application becomes invalid.

  • When we make account closed setting
  • When we cancel follow during campaign period and, after the contribution, delete tweet or we make account closed setting
  • When we are proved to be multiple application by the same person
  • It is aimed for advertising, advertisement, invitation or business act
  • Other than the above, we judged that it was unsuitable for application purpose of this campaign, and the secretariat was not suitable

Successful announcement

After lottery, it should be announcement with direct message of Twitter to identify prize address from official account to elected candidate.
To elected person, we confirm necessary information (full name, Address, age) for prize shipment.
Please note that thing except prize you like may hit.

  • Successful notification plans February, 2021. When you block account, please be careful as message may not arrive.
  • When you do not answer after the direct message transmission from the secretariat for less than seven days, cases that Address of destination is uncertain may invalidate election when there is error in input information.
  • Address of prize is limited to Japan.
  • Please note that you cannot make a reply to individual inquiry about lottery, election result, prize elected candidate.

About personal information

We manage information that had you provide according to regulations of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" appropriately and use only for purpose to ship prize.


The A prize serving stands [SKOGSTA/ sukogusutasabingusutando]

The serving stands

<the number of the elected candidates> One person
<offer company> Is good; a Japan IKEA Kohoku
<prize explanation>

  • SKOGSTA/ sukogusutasabingusutando (gidgee, 35cm in diameter, 12cm in height) one ※The FSC certificationWe use wood

B prize fork spoon set [spoon & fork for RÖRT/ roruto cooking]

<the number of the elected candidates> One person
<offer company> Is good; a Japan IKEA Kohoku
<prize explanation>

  • One spoon & fork fork (beach, 32cm in length) for RÖRT/ roruto cooking, spoon (round shape, beach, 31.5cm in length) one ※The FSC certificationWe use wood

C prize Kirin Ichiban Shibori 350 ml *6 pack


<the number of the elected candidates> 12 people
<offer company> Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.
<prize explanation>

  • One Ichiban Shibori (350 ml, six packs) ※To cardboardThe FSC certificationWe use the certification paper, and Yokohama-shi water is used by a part of the raw materials
    ★Election of C prize becomes people 20 years or older

D prize hand soap hand cream set

<the number of the elected candidates> 12 people
<offer company> Taiyo Yushi
<prize explanation>

  • pakkusunachuronhandosopu (260 ml) one ※The RSPO certificationWe use palm oil (MB) which caught this
  • pakkusunachuronhandokurimu (no fragrance) (70 g) one ※Hand cream derived from nature of synthetic surface active agent, synthetic preservatives nonuse

E prize herushirisetta

Cooking oil

<the number of the elected candidates> Ten people
<offer company> The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd.
<prize explanation>

F prize Mac card

Mac card

<the number of the elected candidates> Ten people
<offer company> McDonald's Company (Japan), Ltd.
<prize explanation>

Assorted G prize chocolate biscuit, amazake set

<the number of the elected candidates> Ten people
<offer company> Mornaga & Co., Ltd.
<prize explanation>

Assorted H prize coffee, tea, chocolate set

<the number of the elected candidates> Nine people
<offer company> Consumers' cooperative you co-op
<prize explanation>

I prize red brick chopstick rest Eco chopsticks set with


<the number of the elected candidates> Five people
<offer company> Union industry
<prize explanation>

  • It is one (19.5cm, red) in one red brick chopstick rest Eco chopsticks size with (22.5cm, black) ※We use Yokohama goods 001 authorization product, bamboo combination resin (we reduce CO2 more than 40% even if we burn)

Approach (the order of the kana syllabary) of cooperation company

Is good; a Japan IKEA Kohoku

Product to sell in IKEA works on supplying product material from sustainable source of supply. We recruit 91% from the FSC® certification or regenerated wood about wood from raw cotton that 100% were cultivated in agricultural methods to reduce use of recycling cotton or water and pesticides, and to improve benefit of farmers about raw cotton.
Sustainability page (the outside site) of website of IKEA
IKEA Kohoku page (the outside site) of website of IKEA

Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

As the manufacturing industry's first eco-first authorized company of container re; cycle, and perform many approaches including lightweighting and maintenance activity of aquatic resources. In addition, killing loop including Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. achieved 100% of adoption of the domestic drink manufacturer's first FSC® certification paper.
Page (the outside site) of Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd. CSV
Homepage (the outside site) of Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.

Taiyo Yushi

We assume that we contribute to realization of spiritually rich, healthy living and sustainable development of society, nature own mission and develop and sell product corresponding to the RSPO certification in the soap, cosmetics business, and soap easy for people, the earth by the factory tour and business trip class and the spread of eshikaru consumption work.
Page (the outside site) of Taiyo Yushi CSR
Taiyo Yushi homepage (the outside site)

The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd.

Toward realization of resources recycling society, we work on development of container, packing with a little environmental load. We started new approach to introduce reproduction pet resin film which used drink plastic bottle which we collected from 2019 to raw materials into label of 600gPET bottle product.
Page (the outside site) of Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd. CSR
The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd. homepage (the outside site)

McDonald's Company (Japan), Ltd.

We push forward sustainable procurement in ingredients and the material and handle product which acquired sustainable label and work on enlightenment activity. We authenticate MSC the FSC® certification in paper containers and packaging to offer to customer in fireofisshu, and coffee is accompanied by the rain Forest alliance certification.
Page (the outside site) of McDonald's Company (Japan), Ltd. CSR
Homepage (the outside site) of McDonald's Company (Japan), Ltd.

Mornaga & Co., Ltd.

Mornaga & Co. works on solution to social problem through operation for realization of sustainable society through "meal". We send security, reliable product to customer and promote approaches such as the FSC® certification paper, cart perception, biomass plastic, use or plastic consumption reduction of biomass ink in product package.
Page (the outside site) of Mornaga & Co., Ltd. CSR
Mornaga & Co., Ltd. homepage (the outside site)

Consumers' cooperative you co-op

We push forward eshikaru consumption to realize aim of SDGs. Extend the handling of product which caught MSC, FSC®, the rain Forest alliance certification year by year, and store shoot; in the catalogue space of CO-OP (door-to-door parcel delivery service), WEB order site continuously about eshikaru consumption disseminate information.
Page (the outside site) of consumers' cooperative you co-op CSR
Consumers' cooperative you co-op homepage (the outside site)

Union industry

We develop environmental resin (bioplastic) UNI-PELE (uni-Pele) to contribute to global environment. As we use natural existence machine scrap woods, there are few poisonous gas and quantities of outbreak of CO2, and UNI-PELE is able antibacterial even if we burn. Production of household goods such as tableware deals with this UNI-PELE to raw materials, too.
Page (the outside site) of union industrial outline of business
Union industrial homepage (the outside site)

Let's learn eshikaru consumption

Let's learn in book!

In the second floor of the city hall book & cafe "HAMARU" cis front shop to take its ease, we gather books about eshikaru consumption and environment and, during campaign period, introduce.
In addition, even official account (@hamaru_yokohama) of Twitter (the outside site) of the book & cafe "HAMARU" cis front shop to take its ease introduces book about eshikaru consumption regularly.

The book & cafe "HAMARU" cis front shop to take its ease
The book & cafe "HAMARU" cis front shop to take its ease is first book & cafe which Maruzen makes. Among book, miscellaneous goods, music selected by member of bookstore, you can enjoy coffee of the orthodox school.
Maruzen runs book tree (the outside site) to introduce book to in original theme and free selected books in hybrid type synthesis bookstore "honto".

Scenery in HAMARU shop

Let's learn in SNS and column!

During campaign period, environmental counselor Eiichi Hiyoshi performs column writing about MSC "eco-label of the sea" in disseminating information in Twitter and Instagram Ferris University Ferris STEP.
"Let's learn about eshikaru consumption happily; to no details page!"

Characteristic of product leading to eshikaru consumption


It is mark indicating having been considered maintenance of sustainable natural environments in process of procurement, production processing, distribution.
It leads to following environment to choose product with label by everyday shopping.

The FSC® certification

We protect environment and the animals and plants and, in deference to human rights of people supporting life in the forest and people engaged in forestry, are mark touched to paper, ⽊ materials product made with tree ⽊ of the forest managed appropriately and recycling resources admitted that it is appropriate.
About FSC this (to homepage of FSC) (the outside site)

MSC "eco-label of the sea"

It is mark touched in marine product caught by sustainable fishery in consideration for marine resources without taking too much fish to follow environment of the sea.
About MSC this (to homepage of MSC) (the outside site)

The rain Forest alliance certification

It is mark touched to produced coffee, products such as tea, banana at the certification farm working on sustainable agricultural methods considered in biological diversity.
Welcome page of rain Forest alliance (the outside site)

The RSPO certification

It is mark made on product using "sustainable" palm oil produced in consideration for natural environments.
RSPO information site that WWF Japan runs this (the outside site)

The international fair trade certification

By each process from production to production, international fair trade (approach to aim at sustainable world realization while worker of developing country getting rid of poverty, and following environment) standard is mark put to protected product.
Welcome page of fair trade Japan (the outside site)

Reproduction pet resin

It is PET resin which we composed again after breaking used PET that separates for recycling, and was collected chemically, and having got back to raw materials.

Cart perception

It is container of paper using thinnings (※).
※It is necessary to remove unnecessary branch and tree so that moderate sunlight enters between trees to bring up the forest with health wealthily. Thinnings mean these branches and trees which we removed.

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