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Living environment maintenance promotion guidelines

Last update date April 2, 2020

 Approach to keep living environment such as the atmosphere environment or water regime in good condition was carried out mainly on approach of antipollution measure. However, various law and regulations arrange over many divergences, and the field of living environment is revised, and individual approaches become incomprehensible in citizen, company.
 These guidelines gathered up concrete approach and policy that Yokohama-shi carried out clearly systematically to promote understanding to living environment of citizen, company for accomplishment of living environment which we advocated by "Yokohama-shi environmental management plan" (November, 2018 revision) which was comprehensive plan of the environmental field of Yokohama-shi (March, 2019 development).


Living environment who aims

 Maintenance of living environment which is comfortable for security, relief

Basic directionality

Steady promotion of approach to become base of maintenance of living environment

 We promote regulation instruction based on laws and ordinances about model seven pollution that we worked on systematically, environment monitoring, complaint consultation or public announcement of information steadily to prevent aggravation of living environment from minus for environment of zero, and to maintain well until now.

Promotion of new approach by cooperation

 We take in way of thinking of "SDGs" working on broad-based problem around environment, economy, society generally from zero for positive environment and promote new approach by cooperation with other measures such as town development or warming measures and cooperation with every main constituent including operation, civic life by four next policies.

  • Simultaneous solution to problem between measures
  • Response to a variety of environmental problems
  • Imminent environmental attractive improvement
  • Is plain; disseminate information

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