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Yokohama-shi environmental management system

Last update date March 30, 2020

In Yokohama City Hall, we set policy of environmental action that the staff should work on in the everyday desk work operation and apply environmental management system.

Yokohama City Hall environment course of action

Yokohama-shi is city blessed with water, natural environments including green while being big city. What we protect environment of this Yokohama and be brought up and make and we succeed in children in the next generation is our duty.

In Yokohama City Hall, we develop multidirectional environment measures such as global warming measure, reduction of garbage, green maintenance and creation based on the cause of cooperation, collaboration with all of citizen, the companies, various environment-related plans. On the other hand, Yokohama City Hall is one instance supplier who gives environment load, and proactive environmental action is demanded in the everyday desk work operation.

Therefore we work on reduction of environment load mainly on the following emphasis approaches that each staff has consciousness to environmental problem in the daily duties highly and carries out action that considered environment.

[emphasis approach]

For reduction of environmental load in desk work operation of 1 daily life, we perform the next approach.

(1) Promotion of energy saving

(2) Promotion of 3R (reducing, reuse, recycling)

(3) Paperless promotion

2 staff understands action in consideration for environment and carry out the training to practice.

April 12, 2018 The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi

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