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Yokohama-shi environmental management plan annual report material

We offer open data about environment in Zip file.

Last update date December 24, 2020

Open data

Environmental education dispatch lecture/off site lecture, commendation of prize for Yokohama environment activity, the environmental number of the activity groups in the city, the amount of environmental conservation fund contribution

The number of reports (the regulations about maintenance of Yokohama-shi living environment), quantity of annual generation to affect greenhouse gas discharge, the situation of energy consumption, maintenance of global environment of Yokohama-shi wind-power plant (Hama wing)

Of the number of the capture of raccoon and Taiwan squirrel, living thing findings of area of the sea, child "lively" creature findings, zoo the number of visitor number of, breeding animal number of, environmental education conduct

Green coverage ratio, the situation of security according to green system, the conclusion results of agreement about preservation of green tract of land, the results such as tree planting discussion, change of the taxable forest area, the green tract of land agreement conclusion situation, change of city park area

Maintenance rate, the spread situation of the sewer, the penetration masu setting situation, list of rainwater stagnant water ponds, rainwater adjustment reservoir, multipurpose list of adjustment reservoirs, water quality test result of water reproduction center, the murmuring list of rainwater main lines

The amount of number of farmland area, the farmhouse number of houses, the sale farmhouses, agriculture work force, estimate agriculture calculation of distinction, change of the city farmland area, the measure development situation of farmland, the right moving situation such as farmland, the improvement business results such as farmland, the use of citizen type farm distinction administration situation and area aging change, change of person of authorization agriculture based on the farming base reinforcement promotion method, domestic animal breeding

Change of the gross weight of garbage and resources and population, greenhouse gas discharge accompanied with refuse disposal, change of quantity of outbreak and the processing situation of industrial waste

The situation of the atmosphere, the quality of the water, the noise, subsidence, the discharge situation of chemical substance based on kakanho, the situation (secular variation of the number of distinction pollution complaint occurrence, secular variation of classification according to outbreak source) of consultation, complaint of pollution, the number of reports (the regulations about maintenance of Yokohama-shi living environment, law, the Air Pollution Control Act, noise-control regulations about maintenance of prevention of pollution organization in specific factory, the vibration regulation method, Water Pollution Control Law, the sewer method, the Yokohama-shi sewer regulations, the soil pollution measures method, the Act on Special Measures concerning Countermeasures against Dioxins) based on environmental laws and ordinances, the conclusion situation of environmental conservation agreement

Public awareness investigation about environment, company attitude survey about environment


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