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Sale of public road

Last update date March 7, 2019

Sale of public road is procedure to transfer road site that became unnecessary.

As you must meet constant standard about sale of public road, come to consultation after making a reservation on the telephone to window.

Flow of procedure

Telephone reservation (※ 1)

Window consultation

Feasibility study

Road change application

Transfer contract (※ 2)

The northern part (Tsurumi, Kanagawa, west, Hodogaya, Asahi, Kohoku, green, green leaves, Tsuzuki): 045-671-2766
The southern part (average, south, Konan, Isogo, Kanazawa, spring, Sakae, Tozuka, Seya): 045-671-2767
In Finance Bureau go through the procedure.
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Telephone: 045-671-2766

Telephone: 045-671-2766

Fax: 045-651-6254

E-Mail address [email protected]

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