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Last update date March 13, 2019

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Let's use public transport for relaxation of road congestion and reduction of environmental load!

1.Purpose, summary of business

 Seaside line is new transportation system of extension about 11km to link Keikyu Kanazawa-Hakkei Station to JR Negishi Line Shin-Sugita Station. New transportation system does not change the appearance top with common train, but it is not iron ring and attaches rubber tire and is superior in ride comfort and the low noise characteristics.
 Area that seaside line operates is reclaimed land maintained in the 50, Showa generation from the late 40s of the Showa era and holds 44,000 dweller verbal promises, work force about 40,000, and facility is located now in leisure such as Marine Park, Hakkeijima or bay side marina.
 We will introduce new transportation system to have middle transportation capability without enough transportation capabilities by rail by bus to support traffic demand occurring in this area because transportation capability becomes unreasonable. While Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (the former Ministry of Construction) which was road manager and Yokohama-shi utilized road-related tax revenues, we performed maintenance of structures such as viaducts which ran, and service-centered Yokohama Seaside Line performed maintenance such as electricity, communication facilities or vehicle.
 In addition, we introduce system of unmanned service into all trains from 1994 to raise safety of reduction and service of expense at seaside line.

Seaside line route map

2.Business process

April, 1983 Yokohama Seaside Line establishment
The orbit business patent acquisition based on the April, 1984 track method
August, 1984 city planning decision
The November, 1984 start of construction
The July, 1989 opening of business
All April, 1994 trains automatic luck transformation
We exceed 100 million vehicle ridership in December, 1995
We exceed 200 million vehicle ridership in September, 2001
We exceed 300 million vehicle ridership in September, 2007
We exceed 400 million vehicle ridership in April, 2013
Of the 30th anniversary of October, 2013 company establishment (we rename company name to "Yokohama Seaside Line")
May, 2014 vehicle update completion (from 1000 type to 2000 type)
July, 2014 seaside line the 25th anniversary of the opening

3.Effect of business

Various social effects occur by service of seaside line.

  1. Reduction of cancellation and auto traffic accident of road congestion by restraint of automobility
  2. Reduction of environmental load including reduction of car exhaust gas by restraint of automobility
  3. Improvement in convenience, comfort of movement by punctual service
  4. Offer (without an accident since the opening of business) of safe transport service
  5. The formation of factory, office and good city area environment by house accumulation promotion and increase of city tax income
  6. In access inclination to the public interest facilities such as City University Hospital

4.Approach of Yokohama Seaside Line

By service-based Yokohama Seaside Line, we push forward approach of improvement in various management improvement and services. As a result, the bottom line of the single year switches to surplus from 2002.
(example) reduction of trust costs by specifications reviews, restraint of personnel expenses, conduct of various events
First raising, update of extension, ticket vendor and ticket examiner of the last train, shortening of the time required
Please see page of the financing situation.

5.About visit of vehicle base

By Yokohama Seaside Line, we accept visit of vehicle base only for weekdays. The person in charge explains safety measures of structure and vehicle of unmanned driving. It is valuable opportunity to be seen by vehicle close. How about for visits to society? In the reception desk, eight people become empty.
For more details, please see page (the outside site) of visit to vehicle base of Yokohama Seaside Line.

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