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About Yokohama-shi highway construction corporation

Last update date March 11, 2019


 It was intended that we contributed to development of improvement of civic life and industry, economy of Yokohama-shi by maintaining city planning road in collaboration with Yokohama-shi to contribute to early completion of road maintenance business of Yokohama-shi, and promoting other road allied enterprises and was established in November, 1987.
 We maintained road which became frame of Yokohama-shi including city planning road ring form Route 2, cyclic Route 4, but finished construction duties at the end of 2004 as these roads were almost completed. We will perform delivery of road which we maintained or management of possession assets in future.
 In addition, Yokohama-shi succeeds business about unfinished section in sections that highway construction corporation arranged and will push forward maintenance for completion in early stage.

Role that Yokohama-shi highway construction corporation fulfiled

 As a result of having pushed forward road maintenance in Yokohama-shi and both of highway construction corporation, it became possible to plan early service of road. For example, when we maintained only in Yokohama-shi, we compared cyclic Route 2, and the whole line service was advanced by ten years.

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