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Flow of the site purchase

Last update date December 20, 2019

Flow (explanation of each item) before having you hand over road site

■Explanation of site compensation contents
To rightful claimants such as land in business area and owners of article, we give a general explanation about contents of site compensation.

■Investigation into land, building
We investigate shape and the area of the land, type and amount such as buildings, right relations to calculate the amount of compensation. In addition, in the case of investigation, we ask person that land or building are owned for attendance.

■Calculation of calculation, land value of the amount of compensation such as buildings
By "loss compensation standard official regulations accompanied with the commonland acquisition of Yokohama-shi", we calculate the amount of compensation such as move of land value or building expenses.

■The presentation of the amount of compensation, explanation for contract
We show the amount of compensation to people that business site or building are owned individually and explain.

■The conclusion of contract
When discussion is set and, please consent, we will make a contract with rightful claimant individually. At this chance we will have, therefore, you put documents necessary for proprietary rights registration of a transfer together toward the landowner.

■The share brush registration
When we need the share brush registration on business site moving to to Yokohama-shi, we have documents which are necessary for the share brush registration from landowner and register in Yokohama-shi.

■Proprietary rights registration of a transfer
With documents necessary for proprietary rights registration of a transfer that we had at the time of contract, we perform proprietary rights registration of a transfer in Yokohama-shi.

■Payment of compensation money such as buildings
About compensation money such as buildings, we pay the amount of 80% equivalency after the contract conclusion, and 20% will considerably pay sum after the move completion confirmation.

■Payment of land trading value
About land trading value, we will pay the total amount after proprietary rights registration of a transfer completion.

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