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Yokohama beltway

Last update date March 22, 2020

What is Yokohama beltway?

Yokohama beltway "side ring" (we feel the side) is driveway forming frame of road network of Yokohama-shi.
It plans to link a radius of 10-15km to loop from the downtown area of Yokohama, and Yokohama loop south line is during business now. We examine western section while seeing road network plan of metropolitan area or traffic condition of Motoichi.

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Figure of network of Yokohama beltway

Roles such as Yokohama beltways

As high speed Kanagawa 7 Yokohama north line, Yokohama northwest line is connected with the outside ring way through the Tomei Expressway, also, as Yokohama loop south line forms broad-based grid of metropolitan area as a part of Yokohama Shonan roads and Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway, access to whole country each place including Tohoku Expressway and Kanetsu Expressway, Chuo Expressway improves drastically, and international competitiveness of Yokohama Port which is international container strategy harbor is strengthened.
In addition, reinforcement of disaster prevention power is planned by maintenance of wide ring because plural urgent transfer lines at the time of disaster are found.
Furthermore, by reinforcement of such a road network, effects such as traffic congestion reducing of existing road, shortening of moving time, environmental improvement are expected, too.
We smoothen people, flow of thing, and wide ring supports development of Yokohama, and civic relief greatly contributes safely.

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