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Usage guidance of JR Sakuragicho-sta. open space event space

For the purpose of finances of bustle creation of town in Minato Mirai 21 district and promotion of convention, activation of regional economy, use of road of appropriateness, road maintenance management fee, it recruits the use of event space utilizing JR Sakuragicho-sta. open space.

Last update date September 28, 2020

Available place (cf. material 1)


Summary (material 2, cf. 3) of condition on using

●Contents of event, advertisement
In consideration for neighboring beautiful sights and publicity and,
・"Yokohama-shi insertion summary" (PDF: 152KB) and
・「Yokohama-shi insertion standard (PDF: 316KB)
We observe this and assume contents along purpose of town planning basics agreement (the outside site) that Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 stipulates.

●Walker safety measures
We prevent danger in traffic of walker and have you perform enough safety measures such as securing security and smooth traffic.

●In addition, please confirm usage guidance (material 2) and the use point (material 3) by all means.

※We cannot carry out product sales, road live.

Summary (cf. material 4) of event rate

Event rate is total amount of money of road private use charges and advertisement charges.

Event rate

 [from March to November]

  • A area (185 square meters): Holiday 166,200 yen/day, weekdays 123,000 yen/day
  • B area (150 square meters): Holiday 134,000 yen/day, weekdays 99,200 yen/day
  • C area (190 square meters): Holiday 170,800 yen/day, weekdays 126,400 yen/day
  • D area (260 square meters): Holiday 231,200 yen/day, weekdays 171,200 yen/day

 [from December to February]

  • A area (185 square meters): Holiday 123,000 yen/day, weekdays 92,760 yen/day
  • B area (150 square meters): Holiday 99,200 yen/day, weekdays 74,840 yen/day
  • C area (190 square meters): Holiday 126,400 yen/day, weekdays 95,320 yen/day
  • D area (260 square meters): Holiday 171,200 yen/day, weekdays 129,200 yen/day

※Holiday = Saturday, Sundays and holidays

Breakdown of event rate
Road private use charges"Road private use charges" that accepted conduct area (holiday, the weekdays same amount)
A area (185 square meters) 22,200 yen/day
B area (150 square meters) 18,000 yen/day
C area (190 square meters) 22,800 yen/day
D area (260 square meters) 31,200 yen/day
Advertisement charges

"Advertisement charges" to affect the advertisement handling
[from March to November]
A area: Holiday 144,000 yen/day, weekdays 100,800 yen/day
B area: Holiday 116,000 yen/day, weekdays 81,200 yen/day
C area: Holiday 148,000 yen/day, weekdays 103,600 yen/day
D area: Holiday 200,000 yen/day, weekdays 140,000 yen/day
[from December to February]
A area: Holiday 100,800 yen/day, weekdays 70,560 yen/day
B area: Holiday 81,200 yen/day, weekdays 56,840 yen/day
C area: Holiday 103,600 yen/day, weekdays 72,520 yen/day
D area: Holiday 140,000 yen/day, weekdays 98,000 yen/day
※Amount of money of advertisement charges is tax-included.

Application reception desk (cf. material 5)

We accept until one month before the use day.
As you cannot accept application after one month ago, please be careful.
It should be receptionist with submission of the use application.
In addition, we do not have tentative reservation of schedule.

[submission documents]
●The use application (material 6)
 ※Please refer to material 7 for mention example.
  ・Event summary (thing knowing the construction removal plan, the staff system during sponsor, conduct contents, period)
  ・Range (drawing of place to use) of private use
  ・Shape, specifications, amount (usage) of private use article
  ・The conduct system
  ・Safety management plan such as walkers
 ※About appearance of proposal, there is not designation in particular.

The situation of town

The situation of town around Sakuragicho Station is as follows.
The number of the people from next townAbout 83.4 million/year (daily average: about 228,000) (2019 investigation)
Sakuragicho Station
The number of the passengers getting on and off

About 181,000/1st (2018)
 ※Adding up of JR and municipal subway. About JR station, we use number that doubled vehicle ridership.

MM district
The work force
About 112,000 (2019 investigation)
MM district
The number of the offices
About 1,820 (2019 investigation)


  1. Possible area (PDF: 231KB)
  2. Usage guidance (PDF: 187KB)
  3. The Sakuragicho-sta. event space use point (PDF: 133KB)
  4. List of charges (PDF: 70KB)
  5. Procedure flow (PDF: 79KB)
  6. The use application (word: 15KB)
  7. The use application mention point (PDF: 174KB)

The use application situation

The coming application situation (PDF: 86KB)
※It is the application for next month, yoku々tsuki situation.
※Please refer for the application situation except the above.


[question 1] Is offer of food and drink possible?
  If it is sampling not to include product sales, it is possible, but permission of food hygiene is necessary separately. 
  In addition, please confirm in fire department when you use generator and kitchen car to have possibilities to need report to haniha fire department.

[question 2] Can you do road live?
  Road live in event space is impossible.

[question 3] We want to carry out event for plural days, but is permanent construction (the use overtime) such as tents possible?
  As a general rule, I would like setting, removal as we cannot establish tents permanently each time.
  When permanent construction is necessary, you have you surround around use event area by night, and please place guard.

[question 4] Can you borrow power supply and plumbing equipment?
  There are no power supply and plumbing equipment in event space.

[question 5] Can you perform import and removal around use of event possibility time (from 8:00 to 22:00)?
  Please cope before time when the construction, removal can be used together.

[question 6] Is entry of vehicles to event space possible?
  Vehicle can run in to 4t car, but road surface good self-care by kompane is necessary when we exceed 2t.
  We can still less ride vehicle of from 7:00 to 9:00 on weekdays. In addition, please ride vehicle by 8:00 on holiday.

[question 7] By typhoons, can you postpone event?
  When we cancel event by inevitability, we can arrange transfer day within three months.

Inquiry, application

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E-Mail address [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-3532

Fax: 045-651-6527

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