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Bid private use guideline (during offer)

Because it is assumed that private use applicant competes about facilities having profitability that is installed to plan increases of convenience of passing traffic of road or user, and equitableness, transparency of procedure are demanded, we establish road private use auction system choosing person of private use by quantities of private use charges.

Last update date April 28, 2020

Bid private use guideline

Bid private use guideline
No Notification day Title Written inquiry Publication period
1 January 17, 2020

Yokohama city street Yamashitacho Route 13 [bicycles parking appliance]

  Bid was finished.
2 March 26, 2020

The Yokohama-shi Eastern Hokkaido Nagatani Route 526 side unused ground [parking lot]


As there was not submission of bid private use plan, bid became out of condition.

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