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About road private use accompanied with the road use such as roadside restaurants to cope with influence of new coronavirus infectious disease

Last update date January 14, 2021

 We decided to relax private use permission standard of use of streets such as roadside restaurants where local public entity and local resident, group worked on as emergency measures to support all of the restaurants affected by new coronavirus infectious disease all in one body. 

Private use period when is targeted for relaxation

  Until Wednesday, March 31, 2021
 (we extend Monday, November 30, 2020)

Contents of measures

Requirements that are targeted for mild measures

Being thing for new coronavirus infectious disease measures

 ・Being temporary business for new coronavirus infectious disease measures
 ・Thing corresponding to evasion of "3 is dense" and fixation of "new lifestyle"
 ・Being setting of temporary facility for takeout, terrace business

What group corresponding to any of the following makes private use of in a lump

 ・Local public entity or road cooperative body
 ・Meetings consisting of the people concerned such as local resident, group including local public entity
 ・City reproduction promotion corporation or area rebirth promotion corporation
 ・Private sector which local public entity supports
 ・Mall promotion association, commercial and industrial meeting
  ※Attachment such as statements of position about support from local public entity is necessary for permission for occupancy of roads application.
    At first, please connect with the following consultation.
  ※We cannot apply for every individual store.


  Being able to cooperate with cleaning of the neighborhood of facility.

Place that is available for private use

 ・Place that does not affect that is remarkable for structure of road or traffic
 ・In the sidewalk top, in the place with much traffic, 3.5m, other places need security of walk space of 2m.
 ・It is placeable on road in front of roadside store.

Private use charges

  Exemption (when you can cooperate with cleaning)

Turn to restaurants; leaflet

  Turn to restaurants; leaflet (Yokohama-shi version) (PDF: 831KB)


Consultation about support from local public entity

List of consultation
Target groupConsultation
Person of town development group

Urban Development Bureau area town development section
Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section
Urban Development Bureau Minato Mirai 21 promotion section

Person of mall

Economic Affairs Bureau commerce promotion section

Person of other groupsPlease consult with ward station having jurisdiction over the group concerned concerned.
Person who does not correspond to the group mentioned above

Policy Bureau cowound promotion section
Urban Development Bureau city planning room

 ※ Permission for occupancy of roads application needs attachment such as statements of position from ward stations of description of, top consultation.

About system

  Please consult with person in charge of Road and Highway Bureau management section private use (045-671-3525).

Application of permission for occupancy of roads

  Please apply to engineering works office of applicable ward.
  ※Among national highways in Yokohama-shi, please consult with national highway office except national highway which Yokohama-shi manages.
    About management of national highway in Yokohama-shi

Application documents

 (1)  Permission for occupancy of roads application
 (2)  Road private use charges reduction of taxes application
 (3)  Guide map which knows the private use place
 (4)  Drawing which private use area, range understands
 (5)  Plan about approach (cleaning of the neighborhood of facility) to contribute to maintenance of road
 (6)  Statements of position (vice-monkey book) from department concerned

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