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Role of road road of Yokohama

Last update date December 7, 2018

Road and everybody walks every day or to pass by cars.
It is important public facilities which we cannot miss for everyday life.

Picture 1 of role

We support living of 1 of us.

Daily necessities which are indispensable to food, life to form a line on everyday table are carried using road.

Picture 2 of role

In 2 sky and basement

Public utilities which is indispensable to electricity, telephone, water supply, life including gas is accommodated.

Picture 3 of role

At the time of 3 disasters, it is used as evacuation route.

In the case of fire, we play a valuable role to protect life, property as disaster prevention zone.

Picture 4 of role

For town development that 4 is livable

As space such as the ventilation and lighting, tree planting, it is helpful.

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