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As for Yokohama-shi bicycles, it is measure examination meeting

Last update date July 1, 2020


Yokohama-shi bicycles hold measure examination meeting in the first in 2020.

1 date and time
  From Wednesday, July 8, 2020 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2 places
  All Yokohama-shi the 18th floor of the government building common use meeting rooms and 1.2.3 (6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi)
  Minato Mirai Line "Bashamichi Station" 1C doorway direct connection
  JR, municipal subway "Sakuragicho Station" 3-minute walk

3 deliberation items (plan)
  About state of implementation of each measure of bicycle utilization promotion plan

Exhibition of 4 meetings
  Meeting is held by exhibition.

Capacity of 5 hearers and receptionist
  Capacity is ten people. We accept proposal of hearing at reception desk in front of venue from 1:45 p.m. When we surpass capacity, we draw lots.
  Come to reception desk within five minutes before meeting start.

 ※About extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease
   ・Please cooperate with hand-washing and mask wearing, preventive measures against infection including a cough etiquette.
   ・As you will publish meeting materials and minutes later, about person who is poor in physical condition, please consider to have you refrain from hearing.

6 press sections
  As you prepare separately from seat for the public, please call at reception desk in front of venue.

Yokohama-shi bicycles about measure examination meeting

Purpose of setting

Yokohama-shi bicycles set up measure examination meeting as affiliated organization of the mayor for the purpose of planning general promotion of measure about bicycle, and promoting parking measures such as bicycles.

Background of setting

From improvement of consideration awareness to health and environment of these days, citizen's needs about use of bicycle increase, and voices seeking safety and comfort increase and are the situation that general development of bicycle measure not to remain in bicycle parking measures working on conventionally is demanded from.
Therefore we had you installed meeting as affiliated engine of the mayor in October, 2014 and discuss investigation and decided to plan general promotion of measure such as the security use of bicycle, traffic environment maintenance, bicycle parking measures.

Grounds laws and ordinances

4 of Local Government Act Article 138 and 3 of Article 202
Law Article 8 about promotion of use of security of bicycle and general promotion of parking measures such as bicycles
Bicycle utilization promotion law Article 4
As for Yokohama-shi bicycles, it is the measure examination meeting regulations

The setting date

October 1, 2014

Committee member list

Minutes, material

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