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Private road maintenance subsidy program, private road maintenance system

Last update date April 1, 2019

About maintenance of private road

When a large number of citizen's people pass in Yokohama-shi, and local performs repair construction of pavement about private road used in the same way as public road, city performs two business of "private road maintenance system" to perform paving work in place of "private road maintenance subsidy program" that city supports a part for construction cost and local. As there are decisions such as types of condition of target private road and target construction in these systems, please confirm "summary of private road maintenance subsidy program, private road maintenance system" (PDF: 189KB).
In addition, please confirm (PDF: 344KB) about "a part relaxation of requirements of private road maintenance subsidy program" as you were able to apply "private road maintenance subsidy program" when constant requirements are set when some owners are missing.
In addition, please talk about private road maintenance subsidy program, window of private road maintenance system with engineering works office of each ward to live.

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