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Road surface property investigation

Last update date March 11, 2020

The measurement contents

By measuring equipment which passed performance confirmation (carry out in engineering works research center) of road surface property automatic measurement device, we investigate crazing, wheel track moat re, flatness characteristics of pavement and the number of the patching points, and road surface property investigation is investigation to grasp the current situation of road based on the data.

  • In 2019, we investigated 242km as far as it was main in Asahi Ward, Seya Ward of inland, Minami Ward, Hodogaya Ward of central part, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward of coastal place.
  • In 2018, we investigated 254km as far as it was main in Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward of coastal place, Asahi Ward, Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward of inland.
  • In 2017, we investigated 254km as far as and northern Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   were main in cyclic Route 3 (including main country path prefectural road Maruko Nakayama Chigasaki), cyclic Route 4 (main country path prefectural road Harajuku six ura).
  • In 2016, we investigated 255km as far as it was main in southern Izumi Ward, Totsuka Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward.


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