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About road submergence assumption point

Last update date March 17, 2020


We announce "road submergence assumption point figure" to plan securing of local heavy rain, accident prevention in at the time of so-called torrential rain and safe road traffic.
We have you share information of submergence assumption point, and I would like securing of safe passage at the time of heavy rain.

・We gathered about "point that roadway became underpass structure (※), and might be flooded in at the time of torrential rain".
・We just assume cases such as abnormal short heavy rains (local heavy rain, so-called torrential rain), and traffic of road does not have problem by normal rain.

※Underpass is road intersecting main highways or railroads three-dimensionally, and the height of the road says point doing immediate drop (kutsukomibu) partially in comparison with before and after.

Road submergence assumption point (as of August 31, 2018)

Road submergence assumption point figure (PDF: 534KB)
In late years road may be flooded at the time of local heavy rain to occur frequently at place except road submergence assumption point. At the time of heavy rain, please be careful about driving of vehicle in consideration for weather information.
Individual point figure (26) (PDF: 5,277KB)
We can read applicable page of individual point figure when we click the following applicable line names.

List of road submergence assumption points
NumberWardThe line namePlace
1TsurumiPrefectural road Mizonokuchi, Tsurumi (PDF: 328KB)2, Tsurumichuuo (JR Line underpass Tsurumi over-road bridge)
2TsurumiCity street market 38 (PDF: 326KB)Ichibakamicho (goods line bottom)
3KanagawaThe neighborhood of prefectural road Kamiasao, Yokohama road (JR site) (PDF: 327KB)West Kanagawa (JR Line underpass Higashi-Kanagawa Station)
4KanagawaCity street 51, Takashimadai (PDF: 289KB)Sakaemachi (goods line underpass)
5The westCity street 207, Takashimadai (PDF: 304KB)Takashima 2 (Route 1 lower Yokohama Station East Exit)
6The west, the insideCity street Sekiuchi, Takashima Line (PDF: 323KB)Hanasaki-cho (colored leaves Hashimoto)
7The westCity street west Tobe 182 (PDF: 291KB)Minato Mirai (the Metropolitan expressway Minato Mirai lamp bottom)
8HodogayaCyclic Route 2 (Azumakawa Island lamp) (PDF: 320KB)Shimacho, Higashikawa (ringed Route 2 Azumakawa Island lamp)
9HodogayaCity street Futamatagawa, Hodogaya Line (PDF: 313KB)Hatsunegaoka (JR Line underpass Motomachi guard)
10HodogayaCity street Imai 249 (PDF: 302KB)Imaimachi (tunnel)
11HodogayaCity street Oike 348 (PDF: 296KB)Imaimachi (nyukoretanidai 1 tunnel)
12AsahiCity street 34, Kamikawai (PDF: 304KB)Kamikawai-cho (Hodogaya Bypass bottom)
13IsogoCity street Isogo 181 (PDF: 314KB)Haramachi (Negishi Line underpass)
14KanazawaCity street 103, Mutsuura (PDF: 310KB)2, Mutsuurahigashi (Keikyu Line underpass)
15KohokuCity street Kozukue 355 (Shinyokohama-Dori) (PDF: 301KB)Toriyamacho (the Shinkansen underpass)
16KohokuCity street 39, Hiyoshi (PDF: 306KB)3, Hiyoshi (Toyoko Line underpass)
17KohokuCity street 284, Kawamukai (PDF: 279KB)Nippa-cho (the Metropolitan expressway loop north line bottom)
18Green, SeyaRinged 4 Kamoshida line (PDF: 291KB)Nagatsuta-cho (Takizawa tunnel)
19TozukaCity street Hirato 246 (PDF: 321KB)Maetamachi (JR Line underpass red Seki guard)
20TozukaCity street 111, Yabe (PDF: 316KB)Kamiyabe-cho (Route 1 bottom)
21TozukaCity street Tozuka 559 (PDF: 325KB)Totsukamachi (Route 1 totsuka underpass)
22Tozukashidokagetori 41 (PDF: 457KB)Higashimatanocho (in front of western water reproduction center)
23SakaeCity street Iijima 302 (PDF: 297KB)Iijima-machi (Negishi Line underpass)
24SpringCity street 112, Kamiyabe (PDF: 295KB)Okatsu-cho (Nakata Sachigaoka Line underpass)
25SpringCity street Miyazawa 92 (PDF: 315KB)Izumi-cho (the Shinkansen underpass)
26SeyaPrefectural road Maruko Nakayama Chigasaki (PDF: 305KB)Futatsubashicho (Sotetsu Line lower Futatsu Bridge underpass)
(reference) "Road submergence attention point map" in Kanagawa making (the outside site) (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto district maintenance station press release material)

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