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2015 traffic investigation

Last update date November 7, 2019

2015 traffic investigation

◎Investigation day H27.11.10 Tuesday 7:00-19:00 (weekdays 12 hours investigation)
Investigation point figure (PDF: 385KB)

 Point numberThe intersection nameInvestigation positionThe intersection line nameThe intersection line nameInvestigation classification
1K2-04Shore (PDF: 779KB)Toriyamacho, Kohoku-kuCyclic Route 2Kamiasao, Yokohama LineWeekdays 12 hours
2K2-14Hirato solid (PDF: 780KB)Hirado, Totsuka-ku-choCyclic Route 2Route 1Weekdays 12 hours
3K2-17Hino solid (PDF: 831KB)5, Hino, Kounan-kuCyclic Route 2Kamakura, Yokohama LineWeekdays 12 hours
4K2-18Uchikoshi (PDF: 840KB)2, Sasage, Kounan-kuCyclic Route 2Yokohama Zushi LineWeekdays 12 hours
5K2-20Screen ka ura (PDF: 787KB)2, Mori, Isogo-kuCyclic Route 2Route 1 Weekdays 12 hours
6K2-23Sanmaicho (PDF: 793KB)Sanmaicho, Kanagawa-kuCyclic Route 2Yamashita Nagatsuta LineWeekdays 12 hours
7K2-29Futoo new road entrance (PDF: 728KB)3, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-kuCyclic Route 2Futoo new roadWeekdays 12 hours
8K2-31Shinmoricho viaduct (PDF: 754KB)Shinmoricho, Isogo-kuCyclic Route 2 (branch line)Route 357Weekdays 12 hours
9K2-32Kamisueyoshi (PDF: 712KB)5, Kamisueyoshi, Tsurumi-kuCyclic Route 2Tsurumi MizoguchiWeekdays 12 hours
10K3-03hara*kyo (the west, the east) (PDF: 814KB)5, Hinominami, Kounan-kuCyclic Route 3Kamakura, Yokohama LineWeekdays 12 hours
11K3-10Akasaka (PDF: 791KB)4, Kosugaya, Sakae-kuCyclic Route 3Katsuracho Tozuka Endo lineWeekdays 12 hours
12K3-14Kuriki (PDF: 806KB)3, Kuriki, Isogo-kuCyclic Route 3Yokohama Zushi LineWeekdays 12 hours
13K4-05Banjo, Izumi (PDF: 789KB)Izumicho, Izumi-kuYokohama IseharaCyclic 4Weekdays 12 hours
14K4-06Taya (PDF: 562KB)Tayacho, Sakae-kuHarajuku MutsuuraTaya Fujisawa LineWeekdays 12 hours
15K4-07Kasama (the outside site)5, Kasama, Sakae-kuCyclic Route 4Big boat station Yabe LineWeekdays 12 hours
16K4-10Mutsuura (PDF: 811KB)1, Mutsuura, Kanazawa-kuCyclic Route 4Route 1 Weekdays 12 hours
17K4-11In front of Seya Junior High School (PDF: 459KB)3, Hongo, Seya-kuKashio, SeyaCyclic Route 4Weekdays 12 hours
18K4-18shinnachushakozen (PDF: 786KB)Kamigocho, Sakae-kuCyclic Route 4Maioka Kamigo LineWeekdays 12 hours
19K4-25Minamikawachi (PDF: 788KB)Katsuracho, Sakae-kuCyclic Route 4Kamakura, Yokohama Line (branch line)Weekdays 12 hours
20K4-27Ringed 4 door (PDF: 741KB)Kuroganecho, Aoba-kuCyclic Route 4Kamiasao, YokohamaWeekdays 12 hours
21K4-28Fukaya (PDF: 453KB)Fukadanicho, Totsuka-kuAkuwa KamakuraCyclic Route 4Weekdays 12 hours
22K4-292, Shimoseya (PDF: 480KB)2, Shimoseya, Seya-kuMaruko Nakayama ChigasakiCyclic Route 4Weekdays 12 hours
23R001-04Hodogaya Bridge (PDF: 749KB)Iwaicho, Hodogaya-kuRoute 1Hodogaya Miyamoto lineWeekdays 12 hours
24R001-09Firmness slope (PDF: 794KB)Kashiocho, Totsuka-kuRoute 1Kashio, Seya LineWeekdays 12 hours
25R001-14In front of bus center (PDF: 768KB)Totsukamachi, Totsuka-kuRoute 1Yokohama Isehara LineWeekdays 12 hours
26R001-17(B)Tozuka police department bottom (the outside site)Gumizawa, Totsuka-ku-choRoute 1City streetWeekdays 12 hours
27R001-21Mitsusawakamicho (PDF: 799KB)Mitsuzawakamimachi, Kanagawa-kuRoute 1 bypass lineYamashita Nagatsuta LineWeekdays 12 hours
28R001-22West Kanagawa (PDF: 831KB)Tomiyacho, Kanagawa-kuRoute 1 bypass lineKamiasao, Yokohama LineWeekdays 12 hours
29R016-20Aoto Hill (PDF: 781KB)5, Sugita, Isogo-kuRoute 1 Cyclic Route 3Weekdays 12 hours
30R016-21Tsuokacho (PDF: 766KB)Tsuokacho, Asahi-kuRoute 1 Maruko Nakayama Chigasaki LineWeekdays 12 hours
31R246-01Ichigao (PDF: 771KB)Ichigaocho, Aoba-kuRoute 246Kamiasao, Yokohama LineWeekdays 12 hours
32R246-07Buyers over Tsuda (PDF: 824KB)6, Nagatsuta, Midori-kuRoute 246Yamashita Nagatsuta LineWeekdays 12 hours
33Y-010Asama bottom (PDF: 789KB)Sengen, Nishi-ku-choIkuta, Yokohama LineAoki Asama lineWeekdays 12 hours
34Y-013Situation (PDF: 761KB)Izumicho, Izumi-kuYokohama Isehara LineAkuwa Kamakura LineWeekdays 12 hours
35Y-040Takada (PDF: 710KB)3, Takatahigashi, Konan-kuEda Tsunashima LineShibokuchi Tsunashima LineWeekdays 12 hours
36Y-041Umeda Bridge (PDF: 706KB)Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-kuKawasaki Machida LineKamiasao, Yokohama LineWeekdays 12 hours
37Y-082Namamugi lamp entrance (PDF: 408KB)2, Namamugi, Tsurumi-kuTokyo Great Teacher Yokohama LineOguro lineWeekdays 12 hours
38Y-091Door (PDF: 759KB)Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-kuKamiasao, Yokohama LineSaedo Kitayamada LineWeekdays 12 hours
39Y-100Saedo (PDF: 741KB)Saedocho, Tsuzuki-kuKamiasao, Yokohama LineMaruko Nakayama Chigasaki LineWeekdays 12 hours
40Y-102Desaki Bridge (PDF: 690KB)Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-kuKawasaki Machida LineKamoi Kamiiida LineWeekdays 12 hours
41Y-128Hinodecho (PDF: 755KB)Hinodecho, Naka-kuYayoidai SakuragichoYokohama Negishi LineWeekdays 12 hours
42Y-166Futatsu Bridge (PDF: 803KB)Futatsubashicho, Seya-kuYokohama Atsugi LinePrefectural road Kashio, SeyaWeekdays 12 hours
43Y-175Two Kami Bridge (PDF: 809KB)Futatsubashicho, Seya-kuMaruko Nakayama Chigasaki LinePrefectural road Kashio, SeyaWeekdays 12 hours
44Y-178Otsuna Bridge (PDF: 396KB)2, Tarumachi, Kouhoku-kuTokyo Maruko YokohamaKawasaki MachidaWeekdays 12 hours
45Y-1882, Hanasakicho (PDF: 770KB)Hanasakicho, Naka-kuYamashita Nagatsuta LineSakuragi Higashitotsuka LineWeekdays 12 hours
46Y-191Sachigaoka (PDF: 803KB)Sachigaoka, Asahi-kuYokohama Atsugi LineCity streetWeekdays 12 hours
47Y-193Lower cultivated area (PDF: 742KB)3, Katakura, Kanagawa-kuMitsuzawa, Tsurumi LineMitsuzawa Toriyama lineWeekdays 12 hours
48Y-197The capital Manabu Tanaka school entrance (PDF: 757KB)Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-kuKamiasao, Yokohama LineHazawa Ikebe lineWeekdays 12 hours
49Y-201North Tsunashima (PDF: 678KB)4, Tsunashimahigashi, Kouhoku-kuTokyo Maruko Yokohama LineEda Tsunashima LineWeekdays 12 hours
50Y-204Miyanoshita (PDF: 772KB)Nakayama-machi, Midori-kuMaruko Nakayama Chigasaki LineYamashita Nagatsuta LineWeekdays 12 hours
51Y-206Shimizu Bridge (PDF: 458KB)9, Hino, Kounan-kuKamakura, YokohamaMaioka Kamigo LineWeekdays 12 hours
52Y-210Hunting ground interchange (PDF: 803KB)Karibacho, Hodogaya-kuRoute 1Hunting ground ICWeekdays 12 hours
53Y-238The Kodomonokuni west (PDF: 337KB)Nara, Aoba-ku-choShinkoji NagatsutaNagatsuta Nara LineWeekdays 12 hours
54Y-239The Masaru Nishi temple north side (PDF: 437KB)1, Azamino, Aoba-kuIkuta, YokohamaEda TsunashimaWeekdays 12 hours
55Y-240Sumiregaoka entrance (PDF: 326KB)Sumiregaoka, Tsuzuki-kuEda TsunashimaMedium Yamakita Yamada LineWeekdays 12 hours
56Y-241The 100 koku bridge west (PDF: 466KB)Higashiyamata, Tsuzuki-ku-choEda TsunashimaMaruko Nakayama Chigasaki LineWeekdays 12 hours
57Y-242The Kuzugaya Park west (PDF: 490KB)2, Edahigashi, Tsuzuki-kuShin-Yokohama Motoishikawa lineMedium Yamakita Yamada LineWeekdays 12 hours
58Y-243Triangle (PDF: 487KB)Tsukunocho, Tsurumi-kuTsurumi MizoguchiTsurumi Station West Exit lineWeekdays 12 hours
59Y-244Sound bridge (PDF: 475KB)1, Kitaterao, Tsurumi-kuMitsuzawa, Tsurumi LineWater supply wayWeekdays 12 hours
60Y-245Multipurpose play Suichi (PDF: 306KB)Kozukuecho, Kohoku-kuIkuta, YokohamaShin-Yokohama Motoishikawa lineWeekdays 12 hours
61Y-246Akuwa (PDF: 388KB)2, Akuwaminami, Seya-kuKashio, SeyaAkuwa KamakuraWeekdays 12 hours
62Y-247Yayoidai (PDF: 418KB)Yayoidai, Izumi-kuAkuwa KamakuraGontazaka Izumi LineWeekdays 12 hours
63Y-248Shinbashi-cho Nishida Bridge (PDF: 454KB)Shinbashicho, Izumi-kuKashio, SeyaGontazaka Izumi LineWeekdays 12 hours
64Y-249Seki no bottom (PDF: 827KB)2, Kamiookanishi, Kounan-kuKamakura, YokohamaYokohama IseharaWeekdays 12 hours
65Y-250Fudo Negishi bottom (PDF: 275KB)Negishimachi, Naka-kuYokohama Negishi LineYamashita Honmoku Isogo LineWeekdays 12 hours
66Y-251St. Amahashi (PDF: 454KB)1, Sugita, Isogo-kuRoute 1 Yokohama IseharaWeekdays 12 hours
67Y-252shibakuchieki (PDF: 447KB)Uminokouen, Kanazawa-kushibasenCity streetWeekdays 12 hours

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