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Last update date March 27, 2019

In Yokohama-shi, citizen's everybody learns together and aims at environment creation which can be active together. As for "learn", each person's learning activity creates more livable society lifelong learning homepage; pray for helping, and make opportunity of learning of "you"; help.

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Lifelong learning information according to the field

Lifelong learning facility

Experience, learning/home training of child

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Each ward lifelong learning information

We jump on lifelong learning-related part of each ward when we click the ward name.
Aoba Ward (the outside site)Asahi WardIzumi WardIsogo WardKanagawa WardKanazawa WardKonan WardKohoku WardSakae WardSeya WardTsuzuki Ward  Tsurumi Ward
Totsuka Ward (the outside site)Naka WardNishi Ward (the outside site)Hodogaya Ward (the outside site)Midori WardMinami Ward (the outside site)

(※ classification expresses the first division when constituency system was enforced in Yokohama-shi.)

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