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Support to social movement

Last update date June 12, 2020

It is base having support (consultation, base, information, work, participation) of social movement of each ward.

We save donation from citizen's company in fund and utilize for support of social movement group working in Yokohama-shi including the furtherance to activity of the public interest of NPO corporation registered beforehand. When we donate, we can hope for group and the field that we want to support and can receive preferential treatment of tax.

Yokohama-shi social movement insurance (it changes to page of local action promotion section.

Yokohama-shi bears premium beforehand that citizen feels relieved and can perform volunteer activity and is doing insurance company and insurance contract, and procedure of prior participation and registration is not necessary.
When accident has happened, we have you report the situation of everyday concrete volunteer activity contents and accident in writing, and city and insurance company examine that activity and accident meet requirements of social movement insurance by any chance.

The end business

Yokohama-shi social movement support center (Sakuragicho) (the end of the 2019 business)

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Telephone: 045-671-4734

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