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New coronavirus infectious disease connection portal site for NPO corporations

Various information oomatomemashita such as new model coronavirus infectious disease-related assistance measures or reference whom all of guidance of temporary consultation desk in Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation center and NPO corporations is for. We update at any time and will expand from now on.

Last update date October 26, 2020


  1. About new coronavirus infectious disease measures temporary consultation desk
    ・Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation center
  2. About fund raising and management
    ・Various consultation counters about management
  3. About general meeting and board member, business report
  4. About meetings in WEB
    ・Telework, meeting method in WEB
    ・IT introduction subsidy

1 temporary consultation desk


We accept consultation about information and problem solution of support system about influence of new coronavirus infectious disease that all of NPO corporations has.
In addition, commencing with coordinates for activity, we do various support. (the outside site)

Consultation reception desk method

  • We accept with inquiry forms. 
  • Please transmit to inquiry form after filling out consultation contents from the following URL.
    ▼Promotion of civic cooperation center inquiry form (the outside site)
    After the confirmation, I will almost inform for less than three days.
    ※Person having difficult input to form calls or please contact by FAX.
    [consultation over telephone] 045-671-4732   
    [consultation by FAX] 045-223-2888

About 2 fund raising and management

Various consultation counters about management

Inquiry counter
Consultation contentsConsultation
Consultation about fund raising and management stabilityYokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau finance section consultation authorization person in charge
Consultation about overall managementYokohama corporate management support foundation (IDEC Yokohama) (the outside site)
Consultation about credit guaranteeAssociation of Yokohama-shi credit guarantee (the outside site)


List of furtherance programs
The furtherance program The furtherance organization Offer URL
Last; payment ⾦ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (the outside site)
Proof experiment full support business Fukuoka-shi (the outside site)
Support for extended preventive measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases (public interest incorporated foundation) JKA (the outside site)

The new coronavirus-adaptive urgent support furtherance <occasional offer>

JANPIA Japan private enterprise public interest activity cooperation mechanism (the outside site)


FinancingFinancing organizationURL
Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus kansenshotaioshi ⾦Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau medium and small-sized business Fisheries Promotion Department finance section
NPO corporation support fundYokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau medium and small-sized business Fisheries Promotion Department finance section

About 3 general meetings and board member, business report

About general meeting of members of NPO law ⼈ required to hold once a year, there is holding with employee (the following, regular member) all the members gathering in the difficult situation. As you settled many questions of inquiry over telephones in Q &A, about general meeting and holding of board member and submissions such as business reports, please refer to.
General meeting holding of NPO corporation accompanied with influence of new coronavirus infectious disease and submissions (Q&A) such as business reports

Meetings in 4 teleworks, WEB

About telework

IT introduction subsidy

Inquiry to this page

Civic Affairs Bureau area support department promotion of civic cooperation section

Telephone: 045-671-4734

Telephone: 045-671-4734

Fax: 045-223-2032

E-Mail address [email protected]

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