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About suggestion support of civic collaboration business

Last update date June 23, 2020

With suggestion support of civic collaboration business

With the enforcement of the citizen collaboration regulations, it recruits the other parties of collaboration business from Yokohama-shi and comes to be able to suggest civic collaboration business from citizens for city. Thing which we support so that citizen collaboration business that accepted offer and suggestion is realized is approach of this business.

To suggest

Proposer shall satisfy the next important matter.
(1) Being corporation, group carrying out a public or public interest-like activity in the Yokohama city.
(2) There is will that oneself predominates and performs problem solution, the making of charm of town.
※And (we say gang management rule corporation prescribed in Yokohama-shi gang exclusion regulations Article 2 No. 5.) such as gang management rule corporations excludes gangsters (we say gangster prescribed in Yokohama-shi gang exclusion regulations Article 2 No. 4.).

Support contents

・We perform accompaniment support such as advice about approach to raise possibility of adopted business.
・We support a part of the necessary expense by selection for industrialization of suggestion (about 1 business upper limit 300,000 yen). (when it reaches the budget upper limit at the time of examination, we may not issue.)

[requirements of target suggestion]

We meet all the next important matters
・ It is contribution to society-like business of the public interest, and solution to local problem and social problem is planned by Yokohama-shi collaborating with citizens suggesting collaboration business, and working
・ Citizens suggesting collaboration business in business assuming conduct can carry out

※We are excluded
・Thing, authorized individual for profit and business that only group achieves profit
・It is aimed for politics, religion, construction such as election activity, facility and maintenance
・Interchange of district inhabitants, event for the purpose of the friendship
・We receive the furtherance by system that country and other local governments and Yokohama-shi enforce

Suggestion reception desk

・We accept at any time until the end of November, 2020.
・As it may reach the budget for grant upper limit, please understand.


In the case of suggestion, please consult with promotion of civic cooperation center (when or we do not know whether it is suggested).

Flows from suggestion to business operation

As for the details about application of suggestion, please see offer essential point.

※In the case of reception desk and application submission of documents of consultation, you call 671-4736 and, for new coronavirus infectious disease measures, would appreciate your coming after the next agency reservation.

An example (thing by suggestion from citizen's all of you) of flows from suggestion to business operation
Procedure Indication (an example) of period

①At first, please consult with promotion of civic cooperation center if we hit on suggestion of business. We do talks such as adjustment or business outline of section performing business together.

Around two times of meetings (there is not the upper limit)

②If we talk, and summary of business hardens, we make suggestion documents and submit to promotion of civic cooperation section.

Documents submission

①If the back, summary of business harden of this

③In Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation Committee consisting of people of learning and experience and social movement practitioner, we examine on the basis of document examination, presentation examination generally.


②It is around one month from this

④On the basis of examination of Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation Committee, we decide adoption group. We notify of selection result in writing.

③It is around two weeks from this

⑤We make required documents such as collaboration contracts which we wrote down both role allotment if it will be adopted and carry out business.

④From this up to around one month (by 1-2 times of meetings)

Offer item which we are accepting now

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