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About reporting for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

Last update date January 8, 2021

To all of the Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

On January 7, country gave emergency declaration, and Kanagawa was appointed in one of area that should carry out emergency measures. Going out self-restraint is called for by this official announcement. In the Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, you examine postponement and cancellation about holding such as meetings and would appreciate your cooperation for prevention of further infection spread.
In addition, we have voice in dread of infection risk about circulation. As with chronic disease, the situation including person cared for vary, consideration to feeling anxiety, please.

About regular general meeting

As there is method to vote for by document decision in the Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations that held method is examined for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, please refer to the following formats.

Reference format of document decision

About subsidy

We cannot but postpone regular general meeting from the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which subsidy application is not enough for in time limit extends deadline for application about the following subsidy until Monday, August 31.
Please inquire for individual consultation to each ward General Affairs Division or Regional Promotion Division.

Subsidy which extends deadline for application until Monday, August 31
Subsidy nameContact information
Disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy of townEach ward General Affairs Division
Local action promotion costs subsidyEach ward Regional Promotion Division
Local crime prevention light maintenance management fee subsidyEach ward Regional Promotion Division

Each ward contact information
Ward General Affairs Division Regional Promotion Division
Tsurumi 045-510-1656 045-510-1687
Kanagawa 045-411-7004 045-411-7087
The west 045-320-8310 045-320-8389
Medium 045-224-8112 045-224-8131
The south 045-341-1225 045-341-1235
Konan 045-847-8315 045-847-8391
Hodogaya 045-334-6203 045-334-6302
Asahi 045-954-6007 045-954-6091
Isogo 045-750-2312 045-750-2391
Kanazawa 045-788-7706 045-788-7801
Kohoku 045-540-2206 045-540-2234
Green 045-930-2208 045-930-2232
Green leaves 045-978-2213 045-978-2291
Tsuzuki 045-948-2211 045-948-2231
Tozuka 045-866-8307 045-866-8411
Sakae 045-894-8311 045-894-8391
Spring 045-800-2309 045-800-2391
Seya 045-367-5611 045-367-5691

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Telephone: 045-671-2317

Telephone: 045-671-2317

Fax: 045-664-0734

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