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Participation to Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations toward the thought

Last update date March 17, 2020

For smile of all

Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations deepens interchange of various places to live near and is inhabitants group which was made to solve various problems to have there.
Other than pleasant events such as festival or athletic meet, we perform activity to support disaster prevention, anti-crime program, daily livings including cleaning activity.
By participating in local activity, know people and can know town. We recommend participation to Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations to make area filled with smiles with security, relief.

Do you know unexpectedly? Activity of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations

Activity of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations varies according to areas, but introduces example.

All are comfortable amicably

Pleasant event

Depending on living gusset, there are pleasant events such as festival or athletic meet with rice cake.
At first, we will participate.

We work on cleaning

Tell about cleaning of garbage collection point and park, rule of separation, how to put out garbage to live in beautiful town comfortably; work.

We protect their gussets by oneself

Disaster drill

We possess in the case of emergency and usually work on disaster drill.

Of child watch

Children are local treasures. We watch to be able to go to school in peace and move into action every day.

Anti-crime program patrol

We perform anti-crime program patrol to protect gusset from crime.

We help each other and assist

Child care salon

We can talk about trouble of child care and become place of exchange of mom daddy.

Calling to elderly person

We usually call not to leave alone toward the elderly person.

To enter Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations?

When participation to Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations is hoped for, please refer to each ward office Regional Promotion Division.

Each ward office Regional Promotion Division Phone number
Ward Phone number
Tsurumi 045-510-1687
Kanagawa 045-411-7086
The west 045-320-8389
Medium 045-224-8131
The south 045-341-1235
Konan 045-847-8391
Hodogaya 045-334-6302
Asahi 045-954-6091
Isogo 045-750-2391
Kanazawa 045-788-7801
Kohoku 045-540-2234
Green 045-930-2232
Green leaves 045-978-2291
Tsuzuki 045-948-2231




Spring 045-800-2391
Seya 045-367-5691

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Telephone: 045-671-2317

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