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Hall (meeting facility) Terms of Use model (example) in the town block

Last update date April 16, 2019

These terms are model plans that they made to have you refer to to run hall (meeting facility) in the town block.

Chapter 1 basic rule

This Article 1 terms ○○ Neighborhood Association (Neighborhood Associations) (say "Neighborhood Association" as follows.) We establish to perform administration of hall (the Yokohama-shi ○○ ward ○○ town address location) of possession in the town block smoothly.
(name of hall)
Article 2 book hall is called ○○ self-government (in the town block) hall (we say "hall" as follows.).
(definition of hall)
Article 3 hall plans profit between members and increase of the welfare and, as place raising the friendship of member, says building which we installed by investment based on agreement of member and other incidental facilities to the use such as meeting, meeting, circle activity to offer.

Chapter 2 administration

(the governing board)
We organize the governing board (we say "committee" as follows.) to perform administration of Article 4 hall democratically.
(constitution of committee)
Constitution of Article 5 Committee constitutes by each representative of department of specialty and other members.
Capacity of 2 Committee assumes ○○ name.
(authority of committee)
Article 6 Committee has superintendency of hall administration and decision right.
About the details to depend on administration of 2 Committee, we set particularly.

Use of Chapter 3 Hall

(the use application)
Person who wish to use Article 7 hall shall apply to committee up to ○○ day of day to take advantage of by predetermined application before.
(the use permission)
We shall admit the use of Article 8 hall as far as we do not have problem in Neighborhood Association activity. But, in any of the following item, committee cannot give permission.
(1) When we might trouble the noise, other neighborhoods.
(2) Undertaking for profit not to get approval of Neighborhood Association.
(3) When there is trouble in other management.
(the use time)
As a general rule, as for the use time for Article 9 Hall, it is said that it is as follows.
We do after ○○ in the afternoon in the morning until ○○ time. But it is not this limit when we recognize in committee.

The Chapter 4 others

(expense burden)
Person using Article 10 hall bears energy bill, water supply charges or other expenses.
*(we set amount of money of charge particularly for each group.)
The delivery of 2 rates shall pay in advance to committee.
When we use in meeting events accompanied with 3 Neighborhood Association activities, it is said that we are free of charge and thing which admitted in particular in other committees exempts or can reduce.
(duty of user)
When we use Article 11 hall, we shall follow the next matter.
(1) Select manager for use.
(2) Keep the use time.
(3) In the use, you handle appliance, equipment carefully, and do not damage the room.
(4) You are careful about use of fire in particular, and completely perform settlement.
(5) After the use, do tidying up and cleaning.
(6) In addition, obey instructions of committee.
We discuss in committee and matter which is not determined by this Article 12 terms is decided, and shall get approval of Neighborhood Association officers' meeting.
We set reorganization of these 2 terms by decision of Neighborhood Association general meeting.

Supplementary provisions

These terms take effect on ○○ age ○ moon ○○ day.

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