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Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations building maintenance costs assistance

Last update date July 3, 2020

Information for supporting systems for Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations building maintenance

About summary making base of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations activity and approach for reduce disaster damage by community support and assistance system and financing facility for maintenance of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations building that it is and corporation, we guide.
In addition, please talk with ward office Regional Promotion Division beforehand when we examine maintenance of hall and are planned.

1.Supporting object

When we correspond to all following items, we can receive assistance for maintenance to Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations building.

  1. Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations being possession, maintenance, administration and facility to use
  2. Being facility contributing to improvement of local resident in welfare, increase of solidarity
  3. There not being hall which caught assistance elsewhere
  4. Comprising meeting and facilities necessary for meeting
  5. Meeting Building Standard Act or other laws and ordinances
  6. For maintenance of hall, there is decision making of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations by decisions of general meeting
  7. Terms of Use of hall being maintained hall (meeting facility) Terms of Use model (example) in the town block look at this page.
  8. What supplier chooses by bid by the supplier number to set of summary or more city companies (※ note) or estimate alignment (person of construction contracting business being supplier who received permission of construction industry)
  9. Being maintenance with 1 million yen or more supporting target expense

※Note city company is company corresponding to any of the following.
   As there is (branches) when we do not correspond even if there are store or office in the city, please be careful.

  • Person that the location division in Yokohama-shi public competitive bidding qualified person list is the city
  • Person whom the location of main store of register or main office registers in the city
  • Personal company where base of main business is the city and group which we do not register

2.Supporting contents

Supporting contents
TypeSupporting rateSupporting limit
New construction, the purchaseA half

1 square meter of hit
99,000 yen
12 million yen

You build building newly or remove all of current building, and build building newly
(only at the time of new construction, the purchase)
Special basic construction cost
A half3 million yenSpecial foundation work to take effect by the ground, site condition
(only at the time of new construction, the purchase)
Elevator setting construction cost
A half3 million yenConstruction cost accompanied with elevator setting
The enlargementA half5 million yenConstruction to already increase floor space of a certain building
RepairA half5 million yenConstruction including repair of main structure part of building
We include aseismic reinforcing work
RepairA half2 million yenRepair not to reach degree of repair for the purpose of maintenance of building
  • We let main structure part in Building Standard Act make with main structure part in repair.
  • Outward appearance construction assists a half of expense to need 1 million yen for outward appearance construction in limit in supporting limit every type of maintenance. (in the case of new construction, the purchase, we assist separately from supporting limit per 1 square meter.)
  • The supporting estimated amount performs contents examination of construction expense at the time of supporting application for construction more than 2 million yen.
  • About special foundation work, we perform examination by geological feature data.
  • Supporting contents are the same about park meeting place which Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations maintains.

3.Application procedure

Please talk about plan of hall maintenance with ward office Regional Promotion Division beforehand.

  • We are going to maintain and perform prior proposing by around July in last year of time. After the budget decision of Yokohama-shi, we perform supporting application and receive examination of completion of construction before the applied year.
  • We attach required documents such as the minutes, construction specifications of general meeting proving the general will of meeting, and representative of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations performs supporting application.
  • We examine about contents had supporting application of and we assist based on the result and are decided. In addition, we are going to assist, and, as a result of examination, amount of money is changed and may perform confirmation and instruction of construction contents.
  • Please perform supporting application before before construction contract contract or the sales contract conclusion.

※When repair is necessary in emergency by natural disasters such as storm and flood damage, we may assist with or without prior proposal.
 Please consult with each ward Regional Promotion Division. (requirements are to certificate of damage / disaster books separately.)

4.Payment of subsidy

It is completed in the field and, after the construction completion, inspects. We pay subsidy based on the examination result.


  • Maintenance of meeting facility which division owner manages
    We intend for assistance only when facility which member of group of division owners is about the same as Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations uses bears maintenance costs.
  • When we maintain jointly with other Neighborhood Associations, in the case of new construction, the purchase, we apply supporting limit to limit, each group.
  • As for the purchase of building with land, only expense of building part is targeted for assistance.

6.Return of subsidy

At following time, please return subsidy.

  • When we received subsidy by fraud or other unjust procedures
  • When it violated condition of subsidy grant
  • When we received subsidy and lent building which we maintained to third party and or were secured by transfer, exchange
  • When we received subsidy and did disposal (the dismantling) within "disposal limit period of property" to establish building which we maintained in summary
  • When it violated other supporting summaries

※It is as follows during disposal limit period of property to establish in note summary.

◎ Maintenance contents are things of new construction, the purchase, the enlargement and repair
Oh, in the case of steel reinforced concrete construction, it is ... 50 years
In the case of i steel-frame building, it is ... 30 years
When cormorant is wooden; ... 24 years
◎ Maintenance contents are ten years regardless of structure of thing ... building of repair

Guide that we settled about concrete notice matter and problem about maintenance after construction and construction of hall give reference.

Guide (supporting system explanation) (PDF: 1,738KB)

Guide (application procedure) (PDF: 1,431KB)

Private financing organization carries out financing based on agreement with Yokohama-shi. In addition, please talk about the details such as financing contents, application procedure with financial institution handling early this financing when the use of financing is planned as decision of general meeting is to necessary documents in application.

1.Financial institution which carries out financing

  • Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
  • Yokohama Shinkin Bank
  • Kanagawa Bank

2.Contents of financing

Contents of financing
TypeThe financing rate of interestFinancing limit
New construction, the purchase, the enlargement, repairPredetermined interest rate that each financial institution sets12 million yen
Repair5 million yen

※Unit of accommodations is 100,000 yen.

3.Application qualification

It is necessary for Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which is going to borrow money to satisfy all next important matters.

  1. Being Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations having juridical person (Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations which acquired juridical person in 2 of Local Government Act Article 260)
  2. Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations is solvent thing of money of repayment and interest

4.Hall which is targeted for financing

Being hall catching supporting decision based on supporting summary

5.Exclusion for financing

When we correspond next, we cannot receive financing.

  1. It is aimed for refinancing from other financial institutions
  2. In Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which borrowed money by place to fix for Yokohama-shi Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations building maintenance financing summary, it is group with the return money left over

6.Return period, return method

We do with period of less than ten years (we include 6-month period of deferment.).

  1. Return should be the moon amortization of the principal and the interest equality.
  2. We perform repayment after the debt reputation from deferment, the seventh month for six months.
  3. We bring some or all of money of non-repayment forward before the expiration of repayment period and can repay.
    In addition, we will pay predetermined fee that in this case financial institution sets.


  1. Representative of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which became corporation performs for the handling financial institution.
  2. We perform application for financing after Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations caught supporting decision of city for hall.

8.Joint surety, security

  1. We assume one representative of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which is going to borrow money joint surety. But it is not this limit when there is proposal based on voluntary intention such as officers except representative.
  2. Securities such as articles are unnecessary.

Real estate such as halls of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations with group name will register by officer personal names because cannot register, but in property including the issue of inheritance might get into trouble.
Therefore, revision of Local Government Act of 1991 made possible the acquisition (corporation of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations) of juridical person to be belonging to group, and to be able to perform the real estate registration.
About the acquisition of juridical person, procedure based on Local Government Act including making of terms and member list for meeting is necessary.
In addition, of private financing engine based on agreement with Yokohama-shi when borrow money, becoming is necessary corporation.

Corporation look at this page about becoming.

It is charged in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which does not own hall in municipal ownership place to correspond to constant requirements such as there not being the use plan and, in Yokohama-shi, performs loan.
When loan was hoped for, submitted summaries of decision-making documents, construction plan, financial plan of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations by decisions of general meeting; hold, and judge propriety of loan.

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