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About the handling of personal information in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

Last update date March 5, 2019

The Personal Information Protection Law is revised in September, 2015, and, after May 30, 2017 that is the enforcement day, in all companies including Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, the handling along rule of the Personal Information Protection Law is sought.

In revision of the Personal Information Protection Law

Personal information is useful for the making of with a view of face of relationships if we use well. By knowing each other's faces and names, relationship of mutual trust assisting is brought up, and is connected for realization of community to be able to spend in peace. Protection of personal information is necessary, but excessive correspondence makes local connection weak and affects local activity or cooperation at the time of disaster.
It is necessary to inflect effectively because personal information performs appropriate management and is the case of emergency. We made guide to explain how we should be able to cope concretely on making list as we thought that grasp of member information was indispensable for administration of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, and managing. You manage personal information appropriately, and please make use for future smooth Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations activity.

Personal information handling guide (PDF: 1,231KB) for Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

2 mentions example, model (we publish in guide. When model is referred to in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, please use this.)

(1) Personal information handling rule (example) (word: 45KB)
(2) List of members mention example (word: 39KB)
(3) List of members making cooperation request mention example (word: 40KB)
(4) Neighborhood Association (Neighborhood Associations) participation application mention example (word: 43KB)
(5) Offer blotter (example (word: 44KB) to personal information third party
(6) Receipt of offer personal information blotter (example) from third party (word: 45KB)

Collection of personal information handling Q&A in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations (PDF: 426KB)

Checkpoint of the personal information handling determined by law

When you acquire 1 personal information, you decide purpose, and tell what you use for to the person
Do not use 2 personal information about other than purpose that you decided
When you hand 3 personal information to third party, obtain the person's consent
Acquire with the approval of the person about consideration personal information required among 4 personal information
Accept "request from 5 people for disclosure or correction of personal information"
Manage personal information that acquired 6 safely
Thing corresponding to proposal of 7 complaints

For more details, please confirm guide.

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