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5-(1)-designated proposal toward the thought

Last update date June 8, 2020

Flow of designated proposal

Flows of designated proposal are as follows. (period before receiving designation from the deadline of designated proposal almost becomes degree for 5-6 months.)

1 prior consultation (voluntarily)

Prior consultation needs reservations. Reservation, prior consultation counter

Offer 2; book and attached submission of documents

About documents affecting designated proposal

We offer 3 we notify the acceptance of documents publicly and inspect (one month)

  • Notification: We report and we publish purpose listed in name of corporation which there was of proposal, full name of representative, the location, articles of association of main office on the date when we had proposing in Yokohama city bulletin and, after the acceptance of documents, notify publicly.
  • General inspection: We report and, among documents, offer specific documents for general inspection in Yokohama-shi (Yokohama-shi promotion of civic cooperation center) for one month. (released on Yokohama-shi homepage.)

4 actual situation confirmation

The person in charge of Yokohama-shi performs the actual situation confirmation.

Question to 5 promotions of civic cooperation Committee

About question result, we are released on Yokohama-shi homepage.

We submit bill to 6 assemblies

  • Result of voting in assembly will inform individually for corporation which performed proposing.
  • When the regulations plan that listed corporation name which performed proposing in assembly approves and is established, it is in designated NPO corporation from the enforcement day of the regulations.
  • "Summary of business" "working area" is announced on Yokohama-shi homepage on the "location of "name of corporation" "full name of representative" main office and office in the city" "day when we produced designated effect" when it becomes designated NPO corporation.

List of designated NPO corporations of Yokohama-shi jurisdiction

Designated monkey appearance period and designated time (plan)

About period of designated proposal and designated time, we plan as follows in each time. Even if it is the outside, we accept prior consultation at any time during proposal period.

Designated monkey appearance period and designated time (plan)

Period of proposal

Designated time

Donation to be targeted for subtraction

The first

June 1, 2020 ...
Until the end of July, 2020

December, 2020

After January 1, 2020

The second

December 1, 2020 ...
Until the end of January, 2021

June, 2021

After January 1, 2021

Laws and ordinances concerned

(1) The regulations (PDF: 205KB) about standard, procedure to appoint non profit organization accepting donation to advocate in 7 Paragraph 1 No. 4 for Local Tax Law Article 314

(2) The regulations enforcement regulations (PDF: 123KB) about standard, procedure to appoint non profit organization accepting donation to advocate in 7 Paragraph 1 No. 4 for Local Tax Law Article 314

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