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Information for registration change about director accompanied with nonprofit activity promotion law revision specific in 2012

Last update date June 8, 2020

In June, 2011, the specific nonprofit activity promotion methods (NPO law) such as change of the jurisdiction agency or introduction of recognition system were revised for the purpose of more support of activity of non profit organization (NPO corporation) and establishment reinforcement of financial fundamental and were enforced from April 1, 2012.

When parts such as associations of the registration law are revised with that by specific nonprofit activity promotion law enforcement order supplementary provisions Article 2, and (directors) specific director puts fate to have the power of representation in articles of association, only the specific director is registered.

Fate ("director represents this corporation, and the Prime Minister, e.g., does the duties." to limit the power of representation of director in articles of association currently using When there is equal no mention), after April 1, 2012, it is necessary to do change procedure for entry in Legal Affairs Bureau (Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau) of the jurisdiction for less than six months.

The conventional registration

Even if authorized director puts fate with the power of representation in articles of association (directors), all the directors are registered.

The registration from April 1, 2012

When authorized director puts fate with the power of representation in articles of association (directors), only the authorized director is registered.

※Please inquire whether you have you confirm on Cabinet Office, homepage of Ministry of Justice about change procedure for entry in Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau.

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