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Last update date December 4, 2020

About change of window ⼝

We change position of rental, return window ⼝

For congestion reducing in hall, we change position of rental, return window ⼝. Window ⼝ returns most, and 2-5 turn window ⼝ becomes bay window ⼝ for rent.

Please leave interval and wait

When you have to wait for turns such as rental, using mark of origin of ⾜ as an indication, we ask you to leave interval, and to line up.

Guidance of rush hour

Window is crowded in the morning after 16:00. I would like visit that we relatively adjust time in what we have in one hour after 14 from the 12:00 level.

Book return box can have ri ⽤ for 24 hours

Book return box can have ri ⽤ for 24 hours. In ⽅ where we just put back book to, please give me ri ⽤ by all means. You are afraid of ⽅ where you can borrow book from by the end of ⽅ and the day when re-rental is hoped for, and come to ⼊ rimasuga window ⼝. General government building original ⾯⼊ ri ⼝ faces book return box and is on the left.

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