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Facility, facilities guidance

Last update date December 7, 2020


Reading seat

Reading seat with table is available. Chair or sofa are different from reading seat.

Public bar (33 seats)

Person who is older than high school student is available. Seat bill is available by unnecessary freely. Carry-on of PC is possible, and seat with power supply is seven seats.

Seat (four seats) for exclusive use of reference book seat (12 seats), member of society

It is seat for person using information about library. Please use public bar in case such as study. For seat where seat bill is necessary, please call registration window on the use.

Child seat (27 seats)

At seat in children's book area, to junior high student is more available from infant. In addition, person who is older than high school student is available when he/she uses children's book.


There is one coin-type copier.
One piece of print with black and white is 10 yen.
As for the print by color, 50 yen, A3 seal are 80 yen B5, B4, A4 seal per one piece.

Wireless environment

Public wireless LAN (FreeSpot)

With PCs corresponding to WiFi standard, the Internet is available.
In addition, please refrain from the following use because it is aimed for the use for research.

  • Game terminals
  • Connection to homepage against public order and morals
  • Downloading, upload of a large quantity of data and use (explanatory note) of file-sharing program

Explanatory note: We have you decline as you give line load.

Search machine for user

We can look for the collection of books of Yokohama City Library. Number is ten.
Yokohama-shi library online catalog, login (the outside site)

PC for Internet reading

There are two PCs to read the Internet. Apply by registration guidance on the use. In addition, Word and application and USB memory such as Excel are not available. In addition, we cannot print web page.

Online database reading service

We offer available database reading service via the Internet. We can print database for a fee. Apply on the use at registration window.
As for the available database, please see "online database".

Book return box

There is book return box at entrance on the post office side of Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building. We can return book for the back and closed days when Tsuzuki library closed at.
Person visited by car, please confirm "about the use of parking lot" of "traffic access".

My bottle spot

My bottle spot includes water cooler.

Extended reading device

We enlarge printing type from 3 times to 45 times and can read.
Anyone is available.

Thing which is available in hall

Please call general information on the use in next.

  • Magnifying glass (loupe)
  • Convex glasses
  • Leading trucker (reading aid)

Floor guidance

We illustrate position of each corner
Floor guide map of Tsuzuki library

General book area

Area information dispatch corner

It is section to know "now" of Tsuzuki Ward  . We replace offer information at any time to local trend.

Native district material corner

It is section where we collected Tsuzuki Ward   and Yokohama-shi, books about Kanagawa.

Reference book corner

It is section where we collected books which are useful for note including encyclopedia and dictionary.

Foreign language book corner

It is section where we collected books written in foreign language mainly on English novel.

Information science corner

It is section where we collected books about the OS, software and the Internet of PC.

Large printed book corner

It is corner that collected big books of printing type.

Newspaper, magazine corner

"Newspaper" is "magazine" and can confirm inspection of magazine, newspaper possessing in Tsuzuki library.

Teens corner

It is section where we collected books for junior high student, high school students. There are a lot of books written about work.

Children's book area

Picture book to come across for the first time

It is section where we collected picture books for 0-3 years old children.
We gather mainly on work publishing brochure which we published library notice to be helpful toward list, the protector of introduction and picture book of children's song in in "picture book to enjoy by hug on knee".

That begin; show; corner

It is section where the elementary school lower grades collected muki keno books.

Foreign language children's book corner

Other than English picture book and story, we put book in German.

Children's book study corner

It is corner where we collected book about list of picture book, children's books and technique of story-telling, monographs of juvenile literature.

Various counters

Circulation desk

We deliver rental of book and reservation book which we were able to prepare.

Return counter

We accept return of book which we have finished reading.

Rental extension counter

We accept extension of rental period.

Registration counter

Issuance, registration update of card

We accept issuance and registration update of library card.

The magazine receipt and disbursement

We have in charge of accounts with the latest issue of some magazines.

Reading seat

In the case of the use, I hand necessary label at seat for exclusive use of reference book seat, member of society.

The use of PC for Internet reading

We accept the use application for PC for Internet reading.

General information counter


We accept to six one.

Material consultation

We work as maid in search of necessary information and book. Please feel free to contact.

The material receipt and disbursement

We accept the receipt and disbursement of information about Tsuzuki library (house maps) keeping at library and counter.

Cloth picture book

We accept rental, return of cloth picture book.

Group rental

We accept registration by group unit, rental, reservation of book.
Please see "service to reading group" about group rental.

Reuse library

We install in Tsuzuki library entrance. We aim at garbage reduction by having reuse (reuse) of book which became unnecessary at home. If there is book which you can offer, take directly. In addition, about offered book, it may inflect as the collection of books of library.

We cannot bring in

Of dirt and damage is intense
It is aimed for advertising for profit, the spread of political activity and religious activity advertising
We obstruct young healthy upbringing
In addition, it is infelicity that builds open in Motoichi facility

Such a book to Tsuzuki library general information window

Native district material about Tsuzuki Ward  , Yokohama-shi
Recent bestseller
Book which we are cited in in page of "book 50 with many reservations"
Book within five years after publication
Period novel, mystery

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