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Last update date September 16, 2020

In the second floor (product for public) in Konan library on the first floor (product for elementary school student), teens corner, each the second-floor
We decide theme and display book every month.
We can borrow book displaying. Please see.

Children's book (book of child) section on the first floor

September, 2020 children's book display "yozoraomiagete"

Gradually cool down,MON(arrive)Star(dry) neatlySee(see) reruSeasonIt becomes (kisetsu).

MON(arrive)Star(dry),SpaceAbout (uchu)Book(or) It diesBook(hon)shu(atsu) memashita.
Konan library kids page
kounantoshokan kids page
It is page for child.

The second-floor public book corner
And "we understand dementia together - on world Alzheimer day on kenshu rou - September 21"

Display and "we understand dementia together world Alzheimer day on kenshu rou - September 21" general in September, 2020

We match with panel exhibition of Konan Ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division and display the cause dementia-related book of the section cooperation.

As we distribute book list and flyer of dementia-related material, please see by all means.

Teens section on the second floor
"Book of art"

September, 2020 teens display "book of art"

Yokohama Triennale is open now (until Sunday, October 11)

We collect art-related books and, for that, display.

Please read.

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