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Teens corner

Last update date March 10, 2019

What is <teens corner?>

Teens are teenage people whom there is midway of adult and children from 13 years old to around 19 years old mainly.
Teens corner is corner that collected books for such teens.
Book which is useful for in teens generation including book about course, club activities, friend, hobby, social problem, heart and body is put.
Besides, we put primer of each field. How about reading as opportunity challenging new thing.
Not only teens generation but also adult, please peep out.

<state of teens corner>

We go on the second floor of the library, and signboard of "teens corner" is mark immediately.
Place is displayed with "teens" when we check with search machine.

Teens corner photograph

There is "the gate of learning" which collected brochures such as school guidance in the depths of teens corner.
You can take university guidance and brochure put in "the gate of learning" home freely.
Please use for reference of selection of school.

The gate photograph of learning

We display book on various themes. You drop in, and please see what kind of books gather.

<recent display>

"After all, it is music."

After all, it is music. Display

"Only as for this year in this summer"

In this summer, it is displayed only this year

"Yokohama City Library, teens page"
Information to be useful for all of teens (the teens) is full!
Introduction "teens book list of book is fulfilling, too"!

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