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Reuse library corner

Last update date September 17, 2020

Bookshelf which enters library, and is on the right immediately is reuse library corner.
You have book which became unnecessary at home and are bookshelf to change in inhabitants of a ward.
(Headquarters for Promotion of Yokohama G30 Plan Konan Ward setting)

Reuse library

In 2019, book more than 6,400 was brought in and inflected effectively. Thank you.

When want to bring in book; ...

Bring to counter of library.
It is to 20 books and would like quantity to bring into once.

We cannot bring in the following book.
1.It is dirty (we include notes) and is broken
2.It is aimed for propagation of advertising, political activity for profit or religion
3.It is a hindrance in young healthy upbringing
4.Thing which is large part including the complete series of encyclopedia and literature

When want to take book; ...

Procedure is unnecessary. Please take to go freely.
It is to ten one that we can take in once.

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