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Medical information corner

Last update date November 1, 2019

Information corner medical than June, 2019 renewed!
Have you not wanted to think about health to want to know disease more?
We collect books about disease and health in medical information section in Konan library and support your problem solution.
Besides, we distribute flyers such as medical care-related seminar, lecture carried out in Kanagawa in Yokohama-shi.
Medical information corner goes up stairs of Konan library and is immediate place. Please drop in once.

Medical information corner

In addition, as well as medical information corner, we put field of medical care-related book on the B side of the fourth shelf in Konan the second floor of the library, the A side of the fifth shelf.
Please use that one.

Book (an example) at medical information corner

1. The latest medicine series (SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.) to understand well
2. Healthy library series (Kodansha)
3. One step series (Kagawa Nutrition University publishing division) of the diet cure beginning
4. Series (medikkumedia) to show disease

Medical information corner precautions

Information to provide in our section

  • We do not recommend specific cure.
  • It is only a few answers to your question.
  • We may not meet personal state, symptom.
  • Please use as materials performing consultation with doctor more concretely.

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