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Picture book corner to come across for the first time

Last update date March 13, 2019

Corner where we collected picture books which want to come across around 3 years old from 0 years old is on the first floor of the library.
We enter at entrance and are the left hand depths, corner of picture book corner.
It is recommended soon when we wanted to begin story-telling.
We introduce "picture book to enjoy by hug on knee" on Yokohama-shi library homepage.
How do you enjoy picture book with baby and small child? If this is thought of, please see by all means.

Picture book corner to come across for the first time

For example, there is such a book

It is ... from 0 years old

"jaajaabiribiri" (the outside site)
Product: Noriko Matsui/KAISEI-SHA
"Peekaboo" (the outside site)
Sentence: Miyoko Matsutani/image: Yasuo Segawa/DOSHINSHA
"The rolling time" (the outside site)
Product: The Sadamasa Motonaga/Gospel building bookstore
What "look at bear bear what" (the outside site)
Picture: Eric Carle/sentence: It is ... from Bill MartinJr/KAISEI-SHA ◎ 1.2 years old
"chiisanausakochan" (the outside site)
Sentence, picture: Dick Bruna/reason: The Momoko Ishii/Gospel building bookstore
"Clinkety-clank clinkety-clank" (the outside site)
Product: The Mizumaru Anzai/Gospel building bookstore
"What should I do?" (the outside site)
Sentence: Shigeo Watanabe/picture: The Yasuo Otomo/Gospel building bookstore
"shirokumachannohottokeki" (the outside site)
Product: wakayamaken/bear's cub company
"12 children's song picture books" (the outside site)
hen: Emiko Kobayashi/picture: abenanae/happioru company

It is ... from 2.3 years old

"otanjobiomedetou!" (the outside site)
Product: Pat Hatchins/reason: Shigeo Watanabe/KAISEI-SHA
"Small cat" (the outside site)
Product: Momoko Ishii/picture: The Jo Yokochi/Gospel building bookstore
"Vest of mouse" (the outside site)
Work: Yoshio Nakae/picture: Noriko Ueno/poplar company
"Muddy Harry" (the outside site)
Sentence: Gene Zion/picture: The marguerite buroi Graham/Gospel building bookstore
In addition, there are many picture books.
Please choose to interest of child.

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