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Guidance in hall

Last update date March 8, 2019

Floor guide

The first floor

The second floor

The first-floor guide map

  • About 34,000 number of the collection of books
  • Three elementary school student magazines
  • 12 seats of reading seats

It is ... in the first floor, corner of book of child

Elementary school student bookshelf photograph

Book and magazine (zasshi) for children including monogatariyachishikino book are put.
There is the first story corner "5" for child who came to be able to read book alone.

Picture book (picture book) corner "1"

Photograph of picture book corner

As for the picture book, the first-floor; if put, there is.
First (ashamed) metedeau picture book (picture book) corner "6" is recommended to 0-3-year-old child.

Chew; play corner "2"

Photograph of picture-story show corner

Chew, and play corner becomes like the stage (the stage), and is pretty; orchestra (burn calyx) of hitting is decorated how. Please sew shoes.

Check; thing corner "3"

Note corner photograph

We check and, at thing corner, check using encyclopedia (hyakkajiten) and illustrated book (zukan), Japanese dictionary (we release), and thing is done.

Children's book study corner photograph

Book which is useful for study and story-telling of children's book is put in children's book study section.

Closed tokoshashin

We can eat and drink in closed place. Time that we can take advantage of is from 9:30 to 16:30.
When library is closed, it is not available.
In addition, please take garbage home. It is non-smoking.

Search machine "8" for user

Photograph of search machine for user

We can check whether Konan library and other Yokohama City Library have book you are looking for with search machine for user. In addition, reservation and rental of book extension is possible, too. For more information, look here.
Usage of the collection of books search/reservation service

Konan library kids page link
kounantoshokan kids page

The second-floor guide map

  • About 77,000 number of the collection of books
  • 79 general-interest magazine
  • 22 such as newspaper, public information
  • 21 seats of reading seats

It is ... in the second floor, general book corner

General bookshelf photograph

We put book, magazine, newspaper for adults.
Teens corner "12 for the teens is on the second floor, too".

Reference book corner "9"

Photograph of reference book corner

Encyclopedia, yearbook, book for note including newspaper compact edition are put. As we cannot loan, please see in hall.
(there is house map on the counter side on the first floor)

Native district material corner "10"

Photograph of native district material corner

It is Konan Ward and Kanagawa, corner of material in conjunction with Yokohama-shi. Kanagawa prefectural history, the Yokohama-shi history are right here.
Please inflect in local note.

Medical information corner photograph

It is corner that compiled disease and medicine, book about health.

Information corner "13" of Konan-cho

Photograph of information corner of Konan-cho

Other than public relations magazine and town magazine of Konan Ward, we display information magazine of child care support and group moving into action in hometown of international exchange, local history studies.

Newspaper corner "14"

Photograph of newspaper corner

We can read newspaper and public information Yokohama, news of the prefecture.
In Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Sports Nippon, JAPAN TIMES, Kanagawa Shimbun-sha stores share in library for 12 years for one year.

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