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Reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward

Last update date August 15, 2018

We introduce rental, reading of book and facility which talks, and goes meetings in Kanagawa Ward.
We publish Kanagawa library, citizen's library room, library room of district center and community house.
We click image, and please see.

Reading facility map (PDF for print) in Kanagawa Ward (PDF: 2,481KB)

Reading facility map page 1 in Kanagawa Ward(PDF: 363KB)

Reading facility map page 2 in Kanagawa Ward(PDF: 540KB)

Reading facility map page 3 in Kanagawa Ward(PDF: 911KB)

Reading facility map page 4 in Kanagawa Ward(PDF: 992KB)

Reading facility map page 5 in Kanagawa Ward(PDF: 926KB)

Kanagawa Ward reading facility map page 6(PDF: 1,264KB)

Data of each facility are things as of October 1, 2016.
As information of each facility may change, please refer to each facility for the details.

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