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We raise donation from all of company, the groups!

Last update date January 15, 2021

When we have you donate several new books from company, group, we donate and can honor.
As for the past honoring, please see "introductions such as company, group which had you cooperate".

It is targeted for offer

Children's book

List introduces recommended book to children in Yokohama City Library.
In addition, in 2009, we raised "books which wanted everybody to read" targeting at primary schoolchildren in the city and we gathered things which there was much of recommendation in that and made "150 books which child of Yokohama chose" list.
Popularity from all child is high, and book given in these lists is only book that there is much use, but it is the current situation that this number of books that, even so, is enough popular is not prepared on account of the budget.
As present to children of Yokohama, I would like cooperation for donation of children's book.

"Book which is useful for research" of citizen's all of you

As "want to do company, "want to check disease and medicine as suffered from disease of 0 0" "wants to check procedure as there was for traffic accident" wants to check the industry, company information and trend of market, citizen's a lot of is visited for life and information that work, and is necessary by libraries."
I would like cooperation for donation of "book which is useful for research" of citizen's all of you.

  • Library chooses book according to the field, amount of money you like.

Offer condition

  1. Donation of more than 18 books or 20,000 yen or more new books
  2. Donation of new book from company, group having you donate book in usual

We accept concrete consultation "what kind of around several books should donate?". Please feel free to contact.

Donation honoring (only as for the applicant)

  1. We stick seal with donation company, group name on back cover (the inside of book) of donation book.
  2. Homepage of Yokohama City Library places donator information in "introductions such as company, group which had you cooperate".
  3. We establish sections introducing book which had you donate for a certain period of time.
  4. We hold the presentation ceremony of donation book. ※For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we are canceling the presentation ceremony temporarily now.

Flow of donation

  1. At first, please inform of the book donation desired effect to Chuo-toshokan investigation Documentation Section. Contact information
  2. We ask about title which you wish to donate, desired number of books. When titles in particular do not have hope, we provide consultation.
  3. I will inform titles of book asking for donation. When there are many number of the titles and numbers of books, we send list of books which became list.
  4. You order list from bookstores for the cause, and please pay.
    Donation is completion on this occasion if you can appoint the delivery in Chuo-toshokan investigation Documentation Section.
    We bring into library directly, or even mail can accept donation. In the case of mail, please bear the postage.

Procedure to ask donator for is 1, 4.


We would appreciate your reporting after having had you understand next.

  1. As for (from the purchase about ten years), library book continues being used until deterioration by aging occurs. But book which the use to citizen's all of you was not able to offer is discarded by damage, damage without waiting for ten years. It is no exception about book which had you donate. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. We cannot make all the books which had hope of donation into with information about library. We may have you reexamine donation with other books without being able to meet requirements when we want to donate book which is not published to list of books which you wish to donate. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. About pasting of seal with donation group name, we will apply Yokohama-shi insertion summary and Yokohama-shi insertion standard mutatis mutandis.

When you can donate, please contact below.

Municipal Central Library investigation Documentation Section donation charge

Telephone: 045-262-0050

E-mail: [email protected]

Information for other honoring, donation, contribution

Guidance of magazine, newspaper sponsor

It recruits sponsors supporting subscription of magazine and newspaper of Yokohama City Library.
As sponsor can have reading shelves of magazine to hope for or newspaper notify advertisement seal flyer, insertion which targeted constituency of magazine is possible.
Please inflect as "place of PR" of all of local company, groups!
As for the details, please give me ogo * "recruiting "magazine sponsors" in Yokohama City Library!".

Information for contribution to library

For the book purchase for children, we accept support by donation ("hometown tax" to Yokohama-shi).
The details "want to support library! Please see (information about library enhancement).

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Telephone: 045-262-7336

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Fax: 045-262-0054

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