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Last update date July 30, 2020

We transcribe table of contents of magazine about Yokohama.

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Target magazine (as of April, 2019)

Target magazine
Name of magazinePublisherTable of contents collection windingPublisher homepage
Open space Yokohama Archives of History building report of the opening of a portYokohama Archives of HistoryNos. 1-142To HP (the outside site)
Kanagawa nature materialStar, earth Museum of Kanagawa Prefectural lifeNo. 1 - No. 39To HP (the outside site)
Native district IzumiMeeting of Izumi Ward historyFirst issue - No. 24None
Native district YokohamaYokohama-shi libraryNos. 1-133 (the last issue)None
History of city study YokohamaYokohama-shiFirst issue - No. 16 (the last issue)None
Citizen graph YokohamaThe City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau consultation department public relations sectionNos. 1-122 (the last issue)None
JanYokohama-shi education culture InstituteVol.1 - Vol.12, Vol.14 - Vol.20, Vol.22 - Vol.55None
Investigation season reportYokohama-shi Policy Bureau policy sectionNos. 1-182To HP
TomizukaMeeting of Tozuka historyNos. 1-43None
My wayhamagin industrial culture promotion foundationNo. 6, No. 19 - No. 79, No. 81 - No. 84, No. 86 - No. 108To HP (the outside site)
Yokohama YOKOHAMAKanagawa newspaper publisherVol.1 - Vol.60To HP
Yokohama Archives of History bulletinYokohama Archives of HistoryNos. 1-35To HP (the outside site)
Yokohama City Library report YokohamaMunicipal Central LibraryNos. 1-53 (the last issue)None
Yokohama-shi history Museum bulletinYokohama-shi history MuseumNos. 1-20To HP (the outside site)
The Yokohama RenaissanceYokohama Shinkin BankNo. 1 - No. 28None

The next magazine does not transcribe table of contents in digital archive. We can read table of contents or the article text on homepage of publisher.

Name of magazinePublisherPublisher homepage
News from overseas emigration museumOverseas emigration museumTo HP (the outside site)
Kanagawa Prefectural Archives Building bulletinKanagawa Prefectural Archives BuildingTo HP (the outside site)
News from Kanagawa Prefectural Archives BuildingKanagawa Prefectural Archives BuildingTo HP (the outside site)
Kanagawa Prefectural museum memoir (natural science)Star, earth Museum of Kanagawa Prefectural lifeTo HP (the outside site)
History of city communicationHistory of Yokohama-shi reference libraryTo HP
Hama ginThe SANKEI LIVING SHIMBUN Inc. Yokohama business headquartersNone
The best partnerThe beach silver research instituteTo HP (the outside site)
Each Yokohama City Library report library editionEach Yokohama-shi libraryTo list of libraries
Yokohama-shi history Museum NEWSYokohama-shi history MuseumTo HP (the outside site)
Rehabilitation study bulletinYokohama-shi synthesis rehabilitation centerTo HP (the outside site)
Labor KanagawaKanagawa business and industry Labor Relations Division employment Administration DivisionTo HP (the outside site)

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