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The Bible, Dutch learning collection

Last update date May 29, 2019

Dutch learning collection is language study book mainly on English issued for the Meiji period, dictionary mainly. When we input into keyword with "Dutch learning collection", and search by digital archive, we can glance through about 110 collections.

The Bible collection is the Bible issued for the Taisho period from the Meiji period and Christianity-related book. When we input into keyword with "the Bible collection", and search by digital archive, we can glance through about 180 collections.

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We introduce a part of the collecting material.

In digital archive, you can see all pages of materials.


"shinyakuseishorokaden" (the outside site)
Translation committee member company reason United States Bible company 1876 (Meiji 9)
In 1872, each Japanese residence Christ Protestantism group propagator meeting was held in Yokohama, and representative of each missionary work company which hit missionary work of Japan in James Curtis Hepburn, Samuel Robbins Brown, Daniel Crosby Greene, that time including Nathan Brown played a key role, and it was decided to start translation of the New Testament. Partial translation book of the Bible had begun to be published, but this was the first time that we started translation of the whole Bible by then. It was separate volume, and translation publication was carried out and issued sequentially when we could translate. A series of translation is called "Meiji former reason".


The "eiwaji*fuonsozu" first edition (the outside site)
Shokichi Shibata, Takashi Koyasu/hennichishusha 1873 (Meiji 6)
Authentic dictionary proud of entry about 55,000 and past maximum. This is the first time that cut about 500 are published for English-Japanese dictionary. Tendency that figure is inserted in in technical term about ship and building and name of the animals and plants, figure term is strong. Publication received financial assistance of Hirayatsu Tanaka who took nickname with "thread eight of the world" in raw silk merchants of Yokohama and ordered press and European language printing type from Shanghai. nichishusha of publisher is printing office which Shibata and Koyasu of editor founded for this dictionary in Yokohama.

References: With "book of Yokohama culture" Municipal Central Library 1994

Commentary of Dutch learning, the Bible collection

On the collection first public exhibition in digital archive, we had commentary from Toshiko Kodama (*shingakuinrijicho, Japanese British Society for the History of Economic Thought councilor). (October, 2010)

Commentary (PDF: 248KB) of Dutch learning, the Bible collection

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