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Digital archive Yokohama's Memory collecting material introduction

Last update date April 5, 2019

Yokohama's Memory

 Utilize Yokohama material which Municipal Central Library accumulated as Yokohama's Memory device so far, such as printing type material, illustrated map, picture postcard
 It is database which can search digital image from keyword and chronological table.
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Collecting material introduction

Collecting material

Image of ukiyoe print

Ukiyoe print

Image of map


Image of picture postcard

Picture postcard

Image of Hirayama signal fire

Hirayama signal fire

Image of administrative material

Administrative material

Person's name record, blue blood

Person's name record, business and industry record

Image of book and culture of Yokohama

Book and culture of Yokohama

Image of the Bible, Dutch learning collection

The Bible, Dutch learning collection

Local photograph

Local photograph

Image of native district magazine article index

Native district magazine article index

Image of program of a play

Program of a play

Image of the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period photograph album

The late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period photograph album

Original goods

Original wall paper & book jacket
Picture postcard "Yokohama's Memory"
We produce picture postcard "Yokohama's Memory" which made illustrated map material set for each theme.
Digital image introduces the illustrated map material.
Library report "Yokohama" No. 42, please refer to "publication culture of city Yokohama" for "Yokohama's Memory" (PDF: 573KB), too.

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