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List of public information Yokohama possession

Last update date January 18, 2019

It is list of "public information Yokohama" that you can see in Chuo-toshokan.
By the generation, reading medium is divided into microfilm, magazine, newspaper, book.

"Public information Yokohama" microfilm
Type of versionCollecting timeCollecting numberThe missing number situationBibliography number
Each all ward/ward version1949.2-1998.31-589 (ward version 1-5)Available-
"Public information Yokohama" magazine
Type of versionCollecting timeCollecting numberThe missing number situationMagazine cord
City version, each ward version1988.1-1997.10467-584None92230
We make this, and ward is for1997.11-2005.4(ward version 1-90)8492245
Ward version1997.11-2004.4(ward version 1-77)None61050
Ward version2004.5-2005.4(ward version 78-90)None61050
"Public information Yokohama" newspaper
Type of versionCollecting timeCollecting number
All cities version1967.31-1987.1217-455
All cities version1989.1-1996.12480-574
All cities version1997.5-1998.12579-598
All cities version1999.1-2006.4599-686
Separate volume hama information2005.9-2007.10None
Tsurumi Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Kanagawa Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Nishi Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Naka Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Minami Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Konan Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Asahi Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Hodogaya-ku2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Isogo Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Kanazawa Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Kohoku Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Midori Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Aoba Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Tsuzuki Ward  2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Totsuka Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Sakae Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Izumi Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
Seya Ward2005.5 ...675 ... (ward version 91 ...)
"Public information Yokohama" book
Type of versionCollecting timeCollecting numberThe missing number situationBibliography number
All ward versions1951.4-1955.823-78S26.5, S28.5, 7 S29.1, S30.4, 53-0190484242 (the outside site)
All ward versions1955.1-1957.1272-106S30.4, 8, S31.33-0190484419 (the outside site)
All ward versions1958.1-1960.12107-142None3-0190484370 (the outside site)
All ward versions1961.1-1962.12143-166S37.13-0190484282 (the outside site)
All ward versions1963.1-12167-178S38.43-0190484307 (the outside site)
All ward versions1964.1-1965.12179-202None3-0190484394 (the outside site)
Tsurumi Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190555459 (the outside site)
Kanagawa Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190555451 (the outside site)
Nishi Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190520486 (the outside site)
Naka Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190555437 (the outside site)
Minami Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190520332 (the outside site)
Hodogaya-ku1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190555424 (the outside site)
Isogo Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190520477 (the outside site)
Kanazawa Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190520426 (the outside site)
Kohoku Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190555412 (the outside site)
Totsuka Ward1966.4-1969.12206-250215.227.2393-0190555408 (the outside site)
Konan Ward1969.10-1970.12248-262None3-0200055076 (the outside site)
Asahi Ward1969.10-1970.12248-2622513-0190520436 (the outside site)
Midori Ward1969.10-1970.12248-262None3-0190555484 (the outside site)
Seya Ward1969.10-1970.12248-262None3-0190520517 (the outside site)
Tsurumi Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190520492 (the outside site)
Kanagawa Ward1970.2-12252-262


3-0190555455 (the outside site)
Nishi Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190555446 (the outside site)
Naka Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190555443 (the outside site)
Minami Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190520481 (the outside site)
Hodogaya-ku1970.2-12252-262None3-0190520516 (the outside site)
Kanazawa Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190520497 (the outside site)
Kohoku Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190520526 (the outside site)
Totsuka Ward1970.2-12252-262None3-0190520501 (the outside site)
Isogo Ward1970.2-1971.12252-2742633-0190520454 (the outside site)
Tsurumi Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190484332 (the outside site)
Kanagawa Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520528 (the outside site)
Nishi Ward1971.1-12263-274None3-0190520474 (the outside site)
Naka Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520504 (the outside site)
Minami Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520509 (the outside site)
Konan Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190553313 (the outside site)
Hodogaya-ku1971.2-12264-274None3-0190553285 (the outside site)
Asahi Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520463 (the outside site)
Kanazawa Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520488 (the outside site)
Kohoku Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520520 (the outside site)
Midori Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190553330 (the outside site)
Totsuka Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190520521 (the outside site)
Seya Ward1971.2-12264-274None3-0190553326 (the outside site)
Braille book1971.6268None3-0190478981 (the outside site)
All 14 wards of ward versions1969.1-12239-250None3-0190479534 (the outside site)
All 14 wards of ward versions1970.1-12251-262None3-0190479545 (the outside site)
All ward versions1972.1275None3-0190576031 (the outside site)
Each ward version1972.4-12278-286None3-0202064696 (the outside site)
All 14 wards of ward versions1973.1-12288-298None3-0190478929 (the outside site)
Each ward version1973.2-11288-296None3-0202064697 (the outside site)
All ward versions1974.1-12299-310S49.6, 73-0200055077 (the outside site)
Each ward version1974.6.7304-305None3-0202064698 (the outside site)
All 14 wards of ward versions1975.1-7311-317None3-0190520205 (the outside site)
Each ward version1975.4.8 - 12318-322None3-0202064699 (the outside site)
Each ward version1976.1-12323-334S51.10, 113-0202064700 (the outside site)
Each ward version1977.1-12335-346S52.2, 4-63-0202064701 (the outside site)
Each ward version1978.1-12347-358None3-0202064702 (the outside site)
Each ward version1979.1-12359-370None3-0202064703 (the outside site)
Each ward version1980.1-12371-382None3-0202064704 (the outside site)
Each ward version1981.1383None3-0202064694 (the outside site)
Each ward version1981.2-12384-394None3-0202064705 (the outside site)
Each ward version1982.1395None3-0202064695 (the outside site)
Each ward version1982.2-12396-406None3-0202064706 (the outside site)
Each ward version1983.1-12407-418None3-0202064707 (the outside site)
Each ward version1984.1-12419-430None3-0202064708 (the outside site)
Each ward version1985.1-12431-442None3-0202064709 (the outside site)
Each ward version1986.1-12443-454None3-0202064710 (the outside site)
Each ward version1987.1-12455-466None3-0202064711 (the outside site)
All cities version1997.1-12575-586H9.2, 83-0201076330 (the outside site)
All cities version1998.1-12587-598None3-0201076332 (the outside site)
All cities version1999.1-12599-610None3-0201076333 (the outside site)
All cities version2000.1-12611-622None3-0201076335 (the outside site)

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