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Online database reading service

Last update date June 25, 2020

In Yokohama City Library, we offer available database reading service via the Internet.


The use application method

Come to counter (counter as for the Chuo-toshokan on the third floor) of each library

The use qualification

Anyone is available.

The use time

Once 30 minutes
Ask each library about the use more than 30 minutes.

Copying (print)

"Yokohama City Library materials fill out copying application", and please submit to Chuo-toshokan the third floor counter.
All black and white size one piece 10 yen,
It is one piece of 80 yen to one piece of 50 yen, A3 size to color B4 size


  • It is stipulated about copying (print) by regulations of Copyright Act and each database company.
  • We cannot use carry-on of storage medium such as USB memory.
  • It may not be available by maintenance temporarily.
  • About data base service of Yamauchi libraryHomepage (the outside site) of Yamauchi libraryPlease see this.

List of offer online database

List of offer online database
Database nameSummaryAvailable library (except Yamauchi library)
bunzo II visual (the Asahi Shimbun online article database)We can search the Asahi Shimbun, AERA, weekly Asahi, Asahi graph, wisdom storehouse, person database, English news.Chuo-toshokan, each regional library
Yomidas history museumYomiuri Shimbun, English newspaper "The Daily Yomiuri" can search person database, current events glossary of terms "imidasu".Chuo-toshokan
Nikkei telecon 21We can search article of Nikkei four "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" "Nikkei industrial newspaper" "Nikkei MJ" (distribution newspaper) "Nikkei finance newspaper". In addition, corporate information by Nikkei newspaper publisher investigation, personnel affairs information, economic statistics are available, too.Chuo-toshokan
Official daily gazette information retrieval serviceWe can search official daily gazette (this newspaper, extra, government procurement notification version, material version, list) of (after 8:30 a.m. on that day) for issuance on ... day after the May 3, 1947, Constitution of Japan enforcement day.
We have search, article search on date, and text image indication is possible.
※In Chuo-toshokan, we possess official daily gazette from July, 1883 (foundation of a periodical). There is missing number.
Chuo-toshokan, Asahi library, Tsuzuki library, Izumi Library, Seya library
Westlaw JapanWe can search precedent, laws and ordinances, law publication information.
※Contents that are available in City Library are "basic contents".
Chuo-toshokan, each regional library
Magazine Web in medicineIt is inter-Internet version database of "medical central magazine". We search domestic medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and article information of the neighboring fields and can read bibliography information and abstract.Chuo-toshokan
It is for EL-NET search

Domestic highest possible newspaper, magazine clipping and article retrieval service database. Main collecting papers and magazines: As for the newspaper, magazine collects about 150 the Mainichi Shimbun, the Sankei Shimbun, Tokyo Shimbun, daily publication industry newspaper, local influential newspaper (there is time difference), trade paper and sports, evening paper again.
※Only article entry is browsable.

Web OYA-bunko

It is magazine article index search database of Soichi Oya library. We record magazine article index to date from the Meiji era and can search entry of article.

Chuo-toshokan, each regional library
JDreamIIIIt is documents, article database which domestic and foreign professional literature and article information can search. Documents and article information about pharmacy are recorded technology and medicine.
※JDreamIII copying service (service to order copying (copy) of professional literature) is not available.
Chuo-toshokan, each regional library

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